Former Priest REVEALS Jesus’ MYSTICAL Lost Years & His Connection to BUDDHA! with Fr. Seán ÓLaoire

In today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Fr. Seán ÓLaoire, a spiritual trailblazer who seamlessly intertwines ancient wisdom with contemporary insights. Born in Cork City, Ireland, in 1946, Fr. Seán’s journey is a fascinating tapestry woven with threads of mystical Christianity and pagan Druidism. His unique perspective offers a profound understanding of spirituality that transcends traditional religious boundaries.

Fr. Seán’s early life was shaped by his great-grandmother, a mystic with a deep devotion to Mother Mary, and his grandfather, a storyteller and druid. This dual influence instilled in him a rich spiritual foundation that embraced both the mystical and the mythical. His stories, like the one about his great-grandmother’s interaction with a prankster hiding in a Christmas creche, illustrate a world where the sacred and the everyday are intertwined.

During our conversation, Fr. Seán shared insights from his years in Kenya, where he immersed himself in the local culture and mythology. He emphasized the importance of storytelling and mythology as repositories of a culture’s wisdom, saying, “Stories and mythology are the archive wisdom of a culture.” This perspective resonates deeply, reminding us that the lessons of the past are often encoded in the stories we tell.

Fr. Seán’s exploration of Druidic traditions offers a fascinating look into an ancient spiritual practice that venerates nature and the feminine. He explained the concept of light and dark as partners in a cosmic dance, where darkness is the fertile womb from which light is born. This understanding challenges the dualistic perception of good and evil, suggesting instead that both are essential components of existence.

In discussing the parallels between different spiritual traditions, Fr. Seán draws connections between the teachings of Jesus and Buddha, suggesting that they may be incarnations of the same soul. This idea, though controversial, invites us to consider the possibility of a universal spiritual essence that manifests in various forms across different cultures and epochs. He said, “Great souls attract, and lesser souls multitask. We have parallel lifetimes.”


  1. Integration of Wisdom Traditions: Fr. Seán’s journey exemplifies how integrating diverse spiritual traditions can enrich our understanding of the divine and the cosmos. His blend of Christian mysticism and Druidic wisdom offers a holistic view of spirituality that honors both the sacred and the natural world.
  2. Embracing Mystical Experiences: Fr. Seán encourages us to seek altered states of consciousness through meditation, nature, and interactions with children, as these practices can open doors to deeper spiritual insights and experiences.
  3. Creating Personal Cosmologies: He urges us to develop our own cosmologies that resonate with our soul’s wisdom and experiences. This personalized spiritual framework should inspire, challenge, and evolve with us, ensuring that our spiritual journey remains vibrant and relevant.

Fr. Seán’s insights into the interconnectedness of spiritual traditions and his emphasis on the importance of personal spiritual practices provide valuable guidance for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the divine. His teachings remind us that spirituality is not confined to rigid doctrines but is a living, evolving journey that embraces the wisdom of the ages and the mysteries of the cosmos.

In conclusion, Fr. Seán’s wisdom and experiences illuminate a path of spiritual exploration that is both deeply rooted in ancient traditions and open to contemporary insights. His teachings inspire us to embrace the mystical, honor our personal spiritual journeys, and recognize the interconnectedness of all spiritual traditions.

Please enjoy my conversation with Fr. Seán ÓLaoire.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 439

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 0:00
And that there are beings and avatars who understand the deepest levels of cosmic law and can work with these cosmic laws, then I do believe in miracles, that they're capable of doing stuff that the rest of us look like, really, really, ridiculously miraculous, but they're not miracles in that sense, because that's how the cosmos is set up.

Alex Ferrari 0:18
I'd like to welcome to the show, Father Seán ÓLaoire. How you doin father Seán ÓLaoir?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 0:33
I'm doing really good Alex, it's lovely to meet you.

Alex Ferrari 0:36
It's such a pleasure meeting you as well, my friend. You know, you and I have very similar beginnings, if you will we both we both kind of came up in the Catholic Church. Like I was joking with you prior. I did not go as far as you did. I got off the roof. I got off the ship earlier. And you said no, no, I'm gonna keep going. I'll signal back and let you know what I find. But

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:02
That was before we hit the iceberg.

Alex Ferrari 1:05
It does before you hit the iceberg. Exactly. Exactly. Your your work that you've been doing for all these years? Me? Can you just tell the audience a little bit about how you began your spiritual journey in you know, in the Catholic Church, and then we're how you it seems as as the Buddha behind you. And the lovely the lovely island beads behind you. That's a much. I didn't see that in the Vatican as much. So you've changed a bit along the way. So can you tell the audience a little bit of how you've started your journey where you've gotten to here today?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:42
Sure. So I was born in 1946, and Cork city in Ireland. And for the first six years of my life, I live with my paternal grandparents, and my great grandmother was still alive. She was alive until I was nearly 10 years of age. Through this small squad little woman she was as wide as she was high. And she was blind in one eye. But he had this extraordinary mystical vision, as he was the greatest mystic I've ever come across. So. So you had this extraordinary devotion to Mother Mary, for her mother, Mary was more real to her than you are to me, Alex right now. So she would talk a lot to Mother Mary throughout the day. And as the first great grandchild, I was privy to these conversations, they presumed this was the norm. So she does just extraordinary relationship with mother Marisa, I'll tell you a funny incident. She would go to Mass every single morning in a Franciscan Church in Cork city. And then at Christmas time, there was another church called St. Peter's and Paul's, and it had a life size crash. There are life size figures of Jesus and Mary and Joseph and the donkey, whatever. But there were these big, big steep steps going up to it. And she'd go after mass in the Franciscan Church at Christmas time. She'd bring me with her to visit the creche and She kneeled down and she'd be talking to Mary. Now, there was a guy who figured this out. He saw doing this on a regular basis, he decided to Tickler. So he ran up ahead of us, hid himself in the straw next to the baby Jesus. And my great grandmother goes up, and she's talking to Mary. And all of a sudden the sort of pipsqueak voices of my great grandmother says changes and says, Be quiet child. I'm talking to your mother.

Alex Ferrari 3:24
That's absolutely amazing. Absolutely amazing. So you start off with this kind of, there's the norm for you.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 3:34
That was the norm. But then at age six, a, I'm living with my maternal grandparents, and my grandfather on that side who might call daddy Jim was a druid, you know, he was a great musician, a great every step dancer, and he was the greatest storyteller ever came across. So we filled me up with all the ancient mythology of, of Ireland, the core, and the Twitter Dawn and film the whole, you know, Kohala and people like that. So had the two sides but it ain't and kind of pagan past and I had the mystical kind of Christianity. So that was kind of like the they were the foundation stones of my spirituality.

Alex Ferrari 4:09
So when you say druid I've never met druid. I'm assuming you're one of the first that I've met. Can you explain to the audience what because I mean, as a Catholic, this is all sacrilege. Obviously, we should all be burning it out for even talking about mysticism and things like this. But can you explain to the audience a little bit about what a Druid is? Where the pagan the ancient pagan spirituality came from, and how it affected Christianity, you know, and how it all kind of mixed them together? Because it is much older is Am I wrong? I don't know how many, how many 1000s of years?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 4:48
It's gone back at least to at least 1000 BCE before the Common Era, at least. Now, okay, it depends on whether you're looking kind of at geographical and historic Your records or you're looking at mythological records. So for instance, in Gaelic, we have mythology about a place called, we have to name certain Gaelic. Sometimes we call a tilde for home, which means the land under the waves, and sometimes we call it to nog, which is the the land of the ever young. And according to this myth, there's, there's a civilization under the Atlantic that had some Vichy versions, that's gonna be called Atlantis, in the Gaelic version is called fuel for home the land under the waves. And one theory is that they actually came the Celts came from there when Atlantis sank, that the one group of them who can eastwards and landed in Ireland, you know, uninhabited Ireland, and they ruled Ireland for 1000s of years. And then the Celts came about the year 600 BCE, and are two great battles between our between our color toward the dawn and from Atlantis, and the Celts, who probably came from Eastern Europe. And the Celts won both battles. So there was an agreement that they would divide the land of Ireland, between the two of them. So it wasn't that one got the North and the other to the south, the one got the eastern North got the got the West, but rather that the Celts wouldn't have it Ireland over the ground. And the two of the diamond wouldn't have an Ireland under the ground. So they're shapeshifted and they became the fairy fork of Ireland. So yeah, they change shape.

Alex Ferrari 6:25
The fairies, the gnomes, exactly these

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 6:27
Elementals of all these these kinds. Yeah. And so the Cal Stan Kennedy does a cross fertilization that happens of spiritualities. And for the, for the druidic culture and nature is really, really important and love of nature, and the the appreciation of nature and of the feminine. So the feminine is really, really important in druidical culture. And so you have a storytelling, you've got music, you've got ceremonies of various kinds, honoring the seasons. So we have four great seasons. We start first of February with what's called Imbolc, which is the feast of St. Bridget, who is a Celtic goddess and also a Christian sand. And then on the first of May, you have what we call the Alterna, you'll hear it mispronounced often as deltin, as the first of May, then the first of August is called luminosa. And the first of November is called a sovereign. And so we divide the year into this four grid periods. And it's interesting that for the druids and the Celts, the year began with the darkening period when the sun was getting smaller and smaller respondents guys, that's the beginning of the year. And so it's that light is birthed out of darkness. For the digital culture, a light and darkness are not enemy figures. You know, darkness is the kind of the fertile womb, which just states and gives birth to light. And so it becomes really, really important that we understand that, that they're not enemies, light and dark are not enemies. And the same thing the day, the day for the Celts begins with the sundown. Yeah, and so it's the evening 6pm Our time is when the day starts. So you get this kind of reversal of the understanding that life and dark are not enemies. They're actually they're dancing together, one needs the other than one is the kind of the fertile ground in which all life is conceived, carried and given birth. And then light is what emanates from that.

Alex Ferrari 8:26
So take it back to the Atlantic time, the Atlantis myth. That makes sense, because I mean, from the point of Atlantis, the myths are that they, you know, they went over to Egypt and that Thoth over there and they spread around the, you know, when the the city under or the land underneath the ocean, they spread around and created a bunch of different civilizations in the Mesoamerica, and so on. So that would mean that that that, that Atlantis, that the this, this, the druids would actually be much, much older, we're talking about probably 12,000 years old, if it's from its original origins, way, way before Jesus was even a glint in in Mary's eye, as they say. So, um, that's fascinating, because I've heard about and, you know, here in the States, you know, I heard about this, and I Please confirm, is it true that you can actually get certified to find is it gnomes or some sort of like it like some sort of mythical creature that we consider mythical? There's like a certification in Ireland, and it might be a might be Wales and might be Scotland, please forgive me. But there's a certification that you could go to school and learn how to, you know, catch them or show like or to check them or please tell me I'm out of my mind, or is this is this true, sir?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 9:52
I'm sure I haven't heard about that. I'm sure if there's any way of kind of creating credentials or making money or somebody can real quick.

Alex Ferrari 10:01
I gotta be really good. If you want to, if you want to catch gnomes, you're gonna have to get a certification. But I heard about this I did look it up and it did seem correct. I'm sure that's not part part of the tradition, but that there is enough enough market that thing exists and someone's actually paying money for it.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 10:25
So I'll tell you a story about my grandfather used to tell me lots of stories about they're sometimes called the Tour de Donen, which means the people of the goddess Diana. So Dana may have been an Atlantean Princess, that was part of the first wave that came eastwards, and that settled in Ireland. And so they live now on the ground. So there are areas in Ireland, they're called theory force. They're round circle mounds of earth, under which the two had done and live. So my grandfather told me a story one time and he's my grandfather, so he wouldn't tell me lies. He's about the seven year old boy. And they live about two miles from Blarney, where the famous Blarney Castle is. Yeah. And there's a big fairy fort in Blarney. And it's evening time and his mother sends them down to the shop, which is about two miles away to get a bag of sugar for the tea. And my grandfather is about seven years old, he's wandering down to the village gets to two pounds of sugar. And he's on his way back. And it's now getting nice, and the moon is coming out. And he has this brilliant music. And he was always a great musician, even as a child, great musician. So he's wondering where's the music coming from? And he sees the splink of light coming from the hillside. And he goes up and begin small by he can see in and underneath. There's this huge big gathering of theories. And they're having a we call it Shamsa a feast, song and dance or whatever. And he's looking at somebody spots him. And they're begging him to come in. So he crawls into it. And he's delighted with the music. And he asked him, Can you play music? And he says, Yeah, I can play the federal. So they give me a fiddle. And he's playing the fiddle. So at the end of the shim, so they're going to have a cup of tea, and then to discover they have no sugar. And my grandfather's I've got a pound of sugar here. So we spread the shore, everybody exists on the server, they have the teeth together, and then he crawls out back home, and it's bright daylight, and the whole village is out looking for him. He's been missing for seven days. And his mother says, Where's the bag of sugar?

Alex Ferrari 12:19
Let me let me ask yourself that shot. The concept of fairies and gnomes and these elemental, you know, creatures have come up multiple times and some near death experiences. In in some in obviously in some more pagan or Wicca, the Wicca, which is I think, an offspring of the pagan druid lineage, if you will. What I've heard and this is something I've heard from a quantum physicist, fascinating that the parallel lives and the parallel realities that we all live in, that there are multiple versions of this conversation going on right now. And there's multiple timelines. And there's a timeline where you said, I got off the ship early, and you did not become a father. And you did other things. And you know, that that, that veil between realities is getting thinner and thinner. And some of these quote unquote, other beings or creatures that are popping in and popping out, popping in and popping out. And that's where we see these kind of things. From your point of view. What do you think of that? And from your studies, and everything that you've done? How much validity I know you can't prove it. But how much validity Do you think these kinds of ideas have?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 13:40
I think they're hugely important, I believe completely in it. So, you know, when we think about what kind of proof can be reduced second of a backup, any argument? It there's a whole branch of philosophy, which is called epistemology, which adds to the question, how do we know what we know? And basically, there are three ways we know we know. The first one is some authority figure tells us and we believe them. You know, the television tells us or the priest transistor, the scientist tells us, that's one or the second webinars, we experienced that for ourselves. And the third way, we figure stuff out on our own, we put pieces of the puzzle together, and we create the jigsaw puzzle. And for me, no one of them is more important than the other. So this materialistic science only believes you know, what the sensorium can deliver to us. But I believe that, you know, we are multi tiered creatures. And when you look at the Hindu notion of body, for instance, so we exist at seven different levels. There is the physical body which is vibrating between infrared and ultraviolet, from 400 to 700 nanometers, we can see that, touch it. And then there's the etheric body, which is vibrating at a slower higher frequency. So now you can see somebody's aura. There they can astral body, which is vibrating at a higher level of scale, and as the body we inhabit when we're dreaming, so there is no time there is no space. I can dream tonight about my grandfather who died in 1956 and live 6000 Miles to me and instantaneously, and they're so at the astral level, you know, there's not near the distance nor time. And I think called Hinduism, that's the level of the self of in which all of the experiences of this incarnation just ending are archived and let come back on the next time. And then the fourth level is, the mental body is kind of Plato's ideal realm, the place in which we do not have great ideas. And then the fifth level is that psychic body, the place where we discover, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, cognition, all these kinds of things. The sixth level, then will be the soul self, which is the archives of all of the incarnations that ever lived, and then the final leaveners God consciousness. Now, I believe that there are seven levels of the physical planet itself that this planet has seven bodies as well. And here's how I construct it for myself. I think that the Third Rock from the Sun in this galaxy, you know, that we call planet Earth, it started out 4.6 billion years ago, as a physio sphere, justly just a rock, simple rock, and then at some stage, it developed an atmosphere, another sheet surrounding the physio sphere. So, the physio sphere can be studied by physics, the atmosphere can be studied by kind of biology perhaps, then the third level is the biosphere around the atmosphere. So the atmosphere is like, is like the womb of the Earth, it was necessary to create an atmosphere or a womb in order to gestate life. And then it just stated, firstly, flora and fauna, then there's the fourth level, and we're halfway through that at the moment. And Tyler the shadow color, the newest sphere, the sheet of consciousness that surrounds the biosphere. And now we have this through the internet instant connection all over the world. But it's a very dangerous place to be, the journey from the biosphere to the newest sphere is fraught with danger, because we can develop technologies that will utterly destroy ourselves and the planet itself. So we have to navigate really, really well in this space. Now, if we manage this, there are three more stages afterwards for the planet. The next stage, I call it, the atmosphere, an email, as in the Latin soul, that there's a soul, the planet has a soul. So there's a soul sphere. And then above that, as the new must be a human being spirit. And then above that, finally, I would call it the cosmos sphere. And so there are beings, you know, extra dimension, extra dresses of various kinds all over. And it's a question of, can I shift my, my state of consciousness? Can they go into an altered state in which I can see into other dimensions or experiences of other beings, and we're surrounded by them. So we have to shift our, our focus in order to see them. So it's not where we look, that's important. It's how we look that's important. If I don't know how to look, like I look everywhere and find nothing. If I do know how to look, it doesn't matter where I look, I find everything. And so these elements are as real as you and I are. But the question is, Can I enter the state of consciousness in which I can perceive that other level of reality. Because it's completely real.

Alex Ferrari 18:04
Which is very similar to what the yogi's, were able to do. Yes, the Yogananda's the Baba Ji's of the world, they were able to raise their consciousness to a place where they can go up in their stories of Yogananda, going into meditation for two or three days. And he would tell his followers just just whispered in my ear, if you need me to come back, and he would be gone, he would be gone in the astral field, and God knows where other realms he was in. And he would come back and to be able to see like in Baba Ji is the ultimate example of that being able to completely play with reality in a way that we just don't know how to yet. And Jesus was able to do that Buddha was able to do that, to a certain extent. They were able to manipulate, manipulate their environment and very high in yogic high, highly developed Yogi's also, levitation by location, all the things that are known. I have to ask you, Shawn, I mean, as a recovering Catholic as myself. At what point when so difficult. And I asked this question, because there are a lot of people who are still, if they're watching the show, they have questions. Yes. So if they're watching this, they're curious about some things, whether to be angry at what we're about to talk about, or to be enlightened by about what they're about to talk about. And again, I always tell people, religion has its place and there in people, if it wasn't for the Catholic Church, I probably wouldn't have been exposed to the idea of God, guiding of Jesus a guy idea of something larger than myself without that education. It came with a baggage. Yes, and I still feel guilty about it. But as a good Catholic you always feel guilty as a good Catholic but when you started to investigate outside of your what you've been taught, and you went really down deep that rabbit hole in becoming a priest to become My father, what was it like when your mind started to be exposed to other ideas that are completely against everything you've been taught? That had to been a struggle within you? Or was it just you were just like, I'm open? How did that work for you? Because a lot of people listening right now are at the exact point where you were when you decided to read a book, or go down other roads?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 20:27
It's a great question. Great question, Alexa. I told you, I was under these two great influences as a little child growing up mystical Christianity, and kind of pagan kind of druidical. Mythology. And so I spent eight years in the seminary, I'm ordained at age 26. And I sent to, to Kenya, I spent 14 years in Kenya, and I fell in love with it immediately. Now, I was always fascinated by mythology and the fact the year, the year between my junior and senior years, and in high school, I spent three months in an area in Ireland where Gaelic is still the mother tongue. And I was collecting proverbs. in Gaelic, we call them Shannahan, which means ancient words. And I would collect the promise from the elders in the village and ask them, in what context would you use this particular proverb and collect the 432 Proverbs in during the summer? I remember one old man saying to me, he said, you know, if Christianity had never come to Ireland, we could live according to the Proverbs. He was absolutely right. Because stories and mythology are the archive wisdom of a culture. Now, they're put in story form, because if you express something philosophically or scientifically, the terms change over the years, and they don't mean what they originally meant. You could tell somebody a story, and they can unpack it, you know, in a way in which is relevant for the circumstances in which they find themselves. So he got to Africa at age 26, ostensibly, to convert people to Roman Catholicism, and they've fallen away have the privilege of learning for different kinds of languages, and the mythologies and the folklore, and sooner begin to say to people, if Christianity had never come to Africa, you couldn't live according to your Proverbs, because the problems are the distillation of the mythology of a culture. So the wisdom is inherent in it. And I differentiate between wisdom and knowledge. For me, knowledge is data that are generated by the sensorium and processed by the brain. Whereas wisdom is data that are generated by the soul and processed by heart to totally different phenomenon. And so when you go into wisdom, and you process at the heart level, you're on the basis of soul inspiration, you will have access to a whole trove of information and data you don't normally have. And so I know I'm beginning to say, let's trade, I want to become what Carl Jung called agnostic intermediary. And Gnostic intermediary, somebody who's so well versed in two very different systems that he can cross fertilize them to their mutual benefit. So I say, okay, here are the stories that I can tell you from Ireland, you tell me the stories from Kenya, and we'll see what comes up with that. So over time, I then began to radically reassess. And I lived violently, quite literally on the equator for 14 years. And so it was 12 hour, days, 12 hours night. So at nighttime, I didn't have electricity or candles, there was no bloody way I could go to sleep at six o'clock in the evening being Aries. So I spent a lot of my time creating what I call my own personal cosmology. So one by one, I'd examine the tenets of my belief system and say, if I hadn't been born Catholic, if I'd been born Hindu, or Buddhists, would I believe this? For instance, if I were born Hindu, would I believe that there's a man in Rome called the Pope, who has a high heart and there isn't fallible? There's no bloody way we believe that fair enough. So okay, let's dump that one. Yeah, so one by one I'm taking, you know, if I were born Buddhist, and I heard 212 others as you would like them to do to you, would I still believe it? Absolutely. Okay, we'll put that in a different bucket. So I created two buckets, ones that would make sense to me, no matter what background they came out of ours, that would only make sense to me if I were indoctrinated in a particular culture. And then I created a brand new cosmology on the basis of the stuff that I that I said, I harvested that I think created a cosmology, that could make sense to me. Now, a cosmology should do four things for me. The first thing is, it should make my soul sing. If I've got a personal cosmology, that's adequate, it should make my soul sing. Secondly, it stretched me out of my comfort zone. Thirdly, it should be able to explain everything I experienced Extra Terrestrial elementals, whatever it should replace for those. And fourthly, it needs to be regularly updated as they have new experiences. So I think that grows. So I've been saying that for many, many years to my own community now in Palo Alto, every one of us responsible for creating your own cosmology, you know, that your life journey, you can't just borrow from somebody else. You can be inspired by somebody else's cosmology, but you have to create your own brand new cosmos. So I spent 14 years in Africa doing that and then I came to the States in 1888. And I continue to do it and as a very Very quickly, I ran into problems with the with the closure.

Alex Ferrari 25:05
Yes, they don't they don't like when you with new they don't like new ideas I got in trouble with the with the with the nuns when I go. So Jesus. Last we heard he was 12. And then he shows up. And he's 31 31 32 30 something 30 30. And what happened? Oh, we don't talk about that. But those are the best years like was he was he? Was he a troublemaker? He was a teenager? Was he a bad teenager? Was he I mean, I doubt that he was just, you know, walking around turning fish into it loaves and turning water into wine at 15. What was going on? Because the one thing that I discovered in my research my journeys and research into spirituality is that no master shows up fully formed. No master, none in history has ever come fully formed, not Buddha, and Jesus, no, Mohammed, not Baba, Gina, anybody, they all have to go through the process, the same process that you and I are going through. So that opened up the door as opposed to the doctrine of a lot of more traditional dogmatic religions. That is like no, they're infallible. They came fully formed. They basically created idols, essentially, as opposed to understanding No, these are representations. These are what is possible. And that's what the yogi's talked about. That's what Jesus talked about. That's what Buddha talked about, which is my next question was my next question to you is, you've mentioned that Jesus and Buddha, their their teachings are very similar in many ways. But you've gone as far as saying that they might be the same souls. That got reincarnated. Because in my research going into the the Council of Nicaea, when they were writing the Bible, which people still lose their mind when they hear that for the first time, like, you know, they pull books out of it. The origin story of Jesus is quite similar to the origin story of Buddha. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 27:05
Yeah, I created a mayhem in the church, when I first kind of suggested that that guy we know Jesus of Nazareth was a reincarnation of guy when he was at the border of 550 years before. But it makes perfect sense to me, you know that. I think that every era needs an infusion of extraordinary advanced spirituality. And that fact, I just finished delivering a four day retreat to my community, in which I talked about a life between lives sessions that I underwent in 2006, with a great friend of mine called Matt McKay. And I experienced, you know, at tidal forces session, and I had an encounter with Jesus as part of that. And one of the things I said tomorrow joking with my says, Dude, come back already, we're in deep doo doo here, and said, and he cracked up. So for me, I believe not only that, he may have been the reincarnation, but that great souls attractive and lesser souls, we, we multitask, we have parallel lifetimes. And when people ask me, how is that possible? You know, why? How is it that Dave and I don't know, the other lifetimes I'm having. And the example I use is, I take like a movie star like Sean Penn, I love some of his movies. And so you know, suppose I were to put on a Sean Penn day in Palo Alto, and I were to prevail upon 10 Different movie theaters to show a different movie of Sean Penn. And then one of them guys a dead man walking, what is the last day of his life, he's about to be executed? What's his name, and that he remembered his name was?

Alex Ferrari 28:35
I don't remember his name. But I do remember the movie that Fast Times at Ridgemont. High is another one. And yeah, right.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 28:40
And the other one I loved was, I am Sam, where he's mentally, where he's wasting a very brilliant seven year old girl now, so I were putting on 10 movies of Sean Penn. And they all start at 10 o'clock on a Sunday morning. Now the guy I am Sam has no idea whatsoever, that there's another guy on death row just about to be executed, which Sean Penn was the actor is aware that he's playing both these roles simultaneously. Now, right now, so the actor is aware of it. But the characters are not aware of it. So you got to wear only if the character you're playing as Alex, and I'm only aware of the character in PES and Shawn, but your soul self was aware of all of the other roles you may be simultaneously playing in order to kind of parallel process or speed up the evolution of your own soul. So I think characters like Jesus, particularly, because the soul is infinite, no matter how many pieces you break out of it, you know, it's still infinite, and that you can distribute that energy over parallel lifetimes. And because there is no time at the other side, parallel does not mean that they're contemporaneous. So I could right now be paying a roller Sean, and Irish Catholic priests in 2024. And simultaneously, I'm playing a parallel life in North Africa as a slave girl in the 1300s or as an astronaut in the 26th century, some places and I'm doing it right now, because there is no time when we step off this 3d man To the reality of this little planet. So I think that the, the great avatars particularly, you know, they're multi processing in parallel lifetimes, you know, and at the really great souls that keep coming back because they take a kind of a bodhisattva vow, that although they've worked up all their own personal karma, and they're coming back for the rest of us to wake up the rest of us.

Alex Ferrari 30:21
Yes, and that's, that's what I've heard from the Vedic traditions as well, that these Baba Ji specifically. He's just hanging out here has been here, I think they say 2500 years or something along those lines, and works with Jesus and works with, you know, all the all the great Ascended Masters. To do that. It's hard. It's fascinating, because I've said the same thing so many times, it's like, well, you know, if it was born Hindu, yes, I would have been Hindu, if I would have been born Jewish, I would have been Jewish. It's about the programming. It's about the programming within the first seven years of your life, essentially, if what Bruce Lipton says is, is accurate, and I think it is that I mean, I would I was born Catholic, and that was just like you and your great grandmother. That's just the way it is. You know, you I'm assuming there's another timeline was somewhere that you were born atheist, into an atheist family, you know, and you have no spirituality whatsoever. And you're right now in Vegas doing something that you shouldn't be doing.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 31:23
Can you buy me a ticket?

Alex Ferrari 31:24
Some sort of the battories happening, I'm probably there with you, sir. I'm probably there with you. But this idea of parallel lives. Because again, because I have such a unique perspective of talking to so many people from so many different walks of life, I'm looking like you were saying, to put the puzzle pieces together, I want to see the whole elephant, I want to see the whole elephant. And not many people see the whole elephant, they just see the tail of the trunk or the toe or the ear and they say that's the elephant. So putting it all together. This idea that there is no past life, that there is no future life, that all lives are happening. At the same time. It's hard for us to comprehend your idea your your analogy of the movie theater, with with Sean Penn's brilliant, I have another one that a friend of mine gave me, which is like, if you're watching television, where you know, there's about 500 other shows going on at the exact same time is that you're watching this one show. But you're not aware of the other shows because you haven't tuned into those shows. So and then, if you had really wants to hurt, then you start talking about parallel react to different timelines, and the multiverse and then understand that it's infinite. How do you how do you wrap your head? How can you what advice do you give somebody to wrap their head about the things we're just talking about? Which by the way now is being reinforced by quantum physics.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 32:49
Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. So here's one of the things I said, Alex, that, you know, I believe that when we volunteer for reincarnation, and we do volunteer, and we make what I call preconception contracts without a group of other souls that will play significant roles in their lives on planet Earth. But when we volunteer to kind of come into this kind of physical plane, this 3d dense reality we have, are subject to four limitations. The first one is that we have to trade our cosmic being for this little 150 pound in a spacesuit that I'm occupying right now. That's the first limitation. The second one, I had to trade cosmic consciousness for this little tiny laptop that I'm playing between my ears. The third one is that, because this laptop is so small, I cannot grok the entire gestalt of a even incarnation. So I have to break it up into bite sized pieces, and process them sequentially, giving rise to the Illusion of Time. And then the fourth one is that there's an uneasy creator just before we before we parachute into planet Earth, grandmother, God pinches our nostrils and creates amnesia, because part of the function of incarnation is to figure out why we're here. If we were given the answers, we like going to school and getting the answer to a test, so you don't have to study. So there was amnesic credit. So these are the four kinds of limitations on us. So time is a total illusion, there is no time, I'd say no, to everything is the No. But we'd come into time. And then my experience is that we break it up into seven pieces, to two versions of the past two versions of the present, and three versions of the future. So the first version of the past is what actually happened, what really happened, you know, historically, and we're influenced by that, because we're the product of it. There's a second version in the past. And that's kind of the dumbest, which was written by the victors the historians. And that's another version of the past. It may not be accurate, but as a huge influence in who we are right now and how we're behaving. So there's two versions of the past. There's two versions of the president because there's what's really happening in our world right now. And you're and we're influenced by that. And then there's a second version of the present, which is the propaganda that will be created bombarded with on a regular basis, and that influences how we experience right now says to versus the present. And then there are three versions of the future, there is the version of a deterministic future over which we have no control, that is kind of it's been laid out, you're not going to grin and bear it. I don't believe that for a moment. So there are two other versions of the future. One is the probable future, the likely outcome if we continue to do what we're doing right now, as individuals or as a global community. And then there's the possible future, what could transpire, if we change what we're doing right now, so I mix these seven pieces together. And that's the jumble of you know, how we try to deal with the illusion of time, but it's all illusory, because everything is the eternal Now, it's like, another example I use is, if I, you know, download a book from Amazon, that's a Warren P 600 pages of the book. And I can download it like 10 seconds, but it's gonna take me a month to read it. But everything that I'm going to read is already contained in the book. Now I have a friend of mine, actually, who loves to read detective stories. But she loves to read the last chapter first. She wants to know who done it. And then she'll go back and still read the book. So she did mantich, and of the anxiety of trying to figure out who done it. Now the truth is, we know who we know who done it. It's all there already. The question is, do you want to skip to the last chapter? Or do you want to enjoy the process of reading the book? Do you want to kind of enjoy the incarnation? And the alleged Separation from Source, which is an illusion, you're not but enjoy the apparent separation? Or do you want to just hang out with God, and never have any adventures. So we are the way in which God experiences that's the entire purpose of incarnation. Because if you take, for instance, the Christian version of the Trinity, or the Hindu version, like Father, Son, and Spirit, in our Sat Chit Ananda, you know, that's a closed system. So if God is all that exists, God cannot generate experiences, there's nothing to experience. And so God kind of self fractures into Hebrew we'll call nets would seem bite sized pieces of herself. We call these souls, so a god fractures. So we got these holographic fractals. And a hologram is an entity that contains the totality of itself and every one of its component parts. And a fractal is a pattern that repeats at an infinite number of scales. And so we got all these scaled holograms all over, which are ways in which God experiences outside of our stuff. So we're like bees in a hive, that the Queen sets out to gather pollen, and honey and stories, we come back in the evening, and we don't just store the pollen and the honey, we tell stories to each other. And so we are the way in which God experiences. And that's why incarnation is important, with the apparent Separation from Source, which is only apparent.

Alex Ferrari 37:40
There's there's a couple times I've said this on the show, and I've gotten comments against it. And I want to hear your point of view on this. My take is that we are God, we are parts of God. Yes, we are. We are fractals of God experiencing the universe, just like you said. But because of programming and dogma, it's beyond the capability of some people to think that we are divine creatures. I said, we are not crap. Do you think we just there's, there's crappy people, and there's good people, we are all made of the same stuff experiencing different story lines. So essentially, correct. We are different actors playing in different movies. And sometimes they interact. Sometimes you're the bad guy, sometimes you're the good guy, and so on and so forth. But people cannot get past a lot of people cannot get past this idea. Because of the programming that they've gotten throughout their life. What would you say to someone who tells you, that is impossible. We are not God? We are of God. But we are not God. There is only one Almighty God. And we are How dare you even insinuate that we are part or anywhere near God? And then if you start getting into the different religions, there God is not. The guy with the white beard at the top, you know, the thing that the da Vinci or Leonardo, Leonardo da Vinci painted the guy with a long beard in the sky point Itachi. He's not that guy. It's either Jesus or Mohammed or, or, you know, Moses, or Abraham or there's so many other godlike people, what would you say to people who are having a struggle with this part of our conversation.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 39:26
Right! So there was a statement I came up with years and years and years ago that I repeat constantly to my community. And it goes like this, I said, the life is a dream, that the ego is having. And the ego is the dream that the soul is having. And the soul is a dream that spirit is having. And spirit is a dream that God is having. So everything that exists is simply God and drag. There is nothing except God. So But God's self fractures, so we are divine at our core. In fact, the last prayer I say every night is I'm going to sleep. I say Move. I am love residing in the Sacred Heart of my heavenly Father. I am light residing in the Sacred Heart of Mother Mary. I am loggers residing in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am life residing in the Sacred Heart of the Holy Spirit. And I am laughter residing in the Sacred Hearts of those who are awake. So for me, there is only God, everything has to just an articulation of source.

Alex Ferrari 40:25
Absolutely beautiful, very well put my friend. Now you did say something a minute ago where that you were bringing us down to where we are in the spacesuit. And we have this little laptop, in our in our brains. I always joke that we just don't have the hardware to process a lot of these ideas and concepts that we're talking about, like, you know, there's no past there's no future, you know, God has always been has never there's no beginning or end to him or him or her. You know what I'm saying. But I want to just dig in a little bit deeper to that, because most people live in their laptop. Most people live right here. Or when you Wyatt the mind, and you meditate, and you start to disconnect from the laptop, you start to transcend the laptop, you leave the laptop and then open yourself up to that cosmic knowing that the near death experiencers speak so much about where they know everything all at once. And it's an instant download. And they have a complete comprehension of what quantum physics is. They have a complete all of this stuff. But we can't process that hard drive. It just it's impossible. It's essentially trying to put in a multiplayer game online, that takes servers and servers trying to put it back in 1984 floppy disk, it just won't work. So what can you dive digging a little bit deeper to this bad idea.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 41:49
So for me, it is very important that we regularly whatever method we employ, that we try to access altered states of consciousness. Because this Ratiocination this idea that we can rationally explain the world. So I see that fundamentalist religion has shot yourself in the head. And fundamental science has shot itself in the heart. And so we're faced with a God shaped hole in the human psyche, because when there's kind of a literalist interpretation of mystical reality, and the other is the belief system, there is no mystery outside of material science. So I think is really, really important that people have practices that allow them to alter their states of consciousness, and they're going to mention a few to one of them, obviously, is meditation. I think spending time in nature, just watching what nature does, how nature solves problems. She's been doing this, you know, nature has created life on planet Earth 3.7 billion years ago, there was no problem that nature of faces that it can't overcome. So watching how nature does with these issues, I spend time, literally at in four hours one day watching a California puppy, have you seen the California puppies? Oh, of course. California, yeah, right. So when when they're when they're coming first, there's a little corn is like a little cone shaped had green hat on it. And then they begin to blast, some, as the bead will expand, the head goes higher and higher and higher. And finally it pops off. And then the petals open. And I literally spent one, four hours one day watching a scene in California puppy shed its cap. And I think I probably learned more in about another state of consciousness in that four hours than I did. And, you know, I've been meditating since I was 18. Just watching that happen. So spending time in nature. The other thing I would say is spending time around little children, particularly under age four or five, because they have just recently come through the veil. And what we claim, you know, there are they're imaginary friends, they're only imaginary to us, because we can visualize them, but the child are absolutely real. They're not at higher level of consciousness. So they're interacting with beings, you know, which are much closer to source than are we. So there are practices that we can engage in, that will shift our state of consciousness for some people is art form. For some people, it's dance. For some people, it's music, for other people, it's spending time in nature, at first on people is spending time with little children. So whatever. For some people, it's plant medicine, the way Alaska or whatever. And so in some senses, whatever allows you to alter your state of consciousness with the correct kind of agenda, that you're not just kind of going to entertain yourself, but that you're really seeking higher wisdom than any practice that allows you to alter your state of consciousness, you know, that that's really important. And that only from a higher perspective, can we see the significance of stuff at the ground level. So for instance, there's a there's a creek that runs through my property appears called Piney Creek, and they spend 30 When I had my dog, my dog died a few years ago, but she and I would talk for hours and hours and hours, and they had many astral encounters down at the creek. And so I go down there in December of 2012. And as the guy is sitting on the banks of the creek, I've never seen anybody and all the time ever over 30 years now, and he's sitting with his legs dying in the water. And he's chewing on a piece of grass, like an old farmer from Oklahoma. And I knew everything in the astral realm. So I sit down beside him, and they pluck a piece of grass am true piece of grass myself. And in my mind, I asked the question, I wonder if he's going to tell me a story. He turned to me. And he spoke a lot. He obviously read my mind. He said, Yeah, I Well, he has the story. And he told me a story about being an originator of life is that I've been all over the galaxy planting life and many, many different kinds of planets. And he said, we, we, we plant them, we water them, we weed them, we genetically modify them. And I can tell exactly how life is going to progress until we give them free will. And then all bets are off at that stage. I can't predict anymore, I was going to go up to that I can predict it. And he said, and I tell you where you're at right now, in your planet. You're not a trifurcation point, not just a bifurcation, but a trifurcation point. He said Homo sapiens sapiens as a stage where there's going to be trifurcation into three groups. The first group called almost sociopathic was, and these are the tyrannical class. You know, the elites are the oligarchy what what they want to give to them, or grabbing the world's resources was a political agenda or economic agenda or religious agenda. And that's he called them hot, almost sociopathic is the second group of being created by them. And he called her alma, artificial Cialis. And he's talking about transhumanism, creating technology, which can kind of program and hack human beings as the second group. And the third group he called Homer spirit, Wallace. And he said, your job is to wake up and to refuse to become Homer artificiality. And to kind of confront all those sociopathic errs. And so these are the kinds of encounters when you alter your state of consciousness, and you begin to visit into astral realms or higher realms, that now you have access to information and data, and avatars and kinds of teachers and healers, that you're not going to, you're not going to read about in the book, or you're not going to see them on television. So having some kind of personal practices that allow you to volitionally alter your state of consciousness on a regular basis, that becomes really important. And that's my definition of imagination. Imagination is very different from fantasy. Fantasy is the ability to make up stuff that's not real. Imagination is the ability to intentionally alter my state of consciousness, enter into different dimensions, visit with energies and entities that reside there, learn from them, and bring that learning back and cross fertilize it with earth knowledge.

Alex Ferrari 47:36
So the thing is that it sounds that with these beings, and I've heard this so many different ways, is that beings, ascended masters, guides, angels, all sorts of different beings that are out are A, and I use the word above us different frequency, they're at a different vibe of frequency than we are. They can't come down to this heavy frequency, we need to come up the meet us halfway, but they're not going to be walking around the streets of New York tomorrow, generally speaking, unless they've incarnated is that in the end, when you are elevating your consciousness, through meditation, through plant medicine, through everything you said, you are raising your vibration, raising your frequency to a place where you can interact with them. Absolutely. And, and when we sleep, our dreams, we do that so many times. Is that right?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 48:30
Totally. So for instance, last Sunday was Easter Sunday. So I'm preaching about the resurrection of Jesus. And I got a theological theory, but I got a scientific theory. I got metaphors for it, and I got stories about it. So for me, why was it that the disciples of Jesus often didn't recognize them after his resurrection? married my dilettante with the gardener? The two guys on the right one was that he was a stranger. And so why was it that sometimes they didn't recognize them? And the reason is that resurrection the verb that's used in the Greek New Testament about Jesus appearing, the verb is not in that, you know, anybody looking in the same direction is gonna see him if he appears, but rather, he chose to make himself visible. So there's part of Jesus coming down a level. So suppose you decided to come to come to Palo Alto, and I hear you in Palo Alto, they say, Alex, I'd love to get to meet you. And you're staying in a hotel in Palo Alto and you're on the fifth floor. And I dragged off from Healdsburg, and after about three levels on the ground, get parking, and we're gonna meet in the lobby, now, you're gonna have to go down four levels to meet me, and I'm gonna have to go three levels to meet you. And now we can have a meal together in the lobby. So that's what happens that these beings, they have to lower their vibration so that they're, they're kind of discernible at a lower level, but only those of raise their consciousness up to that equivalent. So there's someplace in the meat in the middle. So as you're right, walking on the streets of New York, you're not going to see kind of avatars walking around, you're sitting right there. So we have to learn how to refocus to altered states of consciousness. And then these beings couldn't reduce the vibration and come down to where we now are at. And then we can have real mystical encounters with them.

Alex Ferrari 50:06
Now, going to the druid tradition, which I'm fascinated by, in the yogic tradition, in the bay in the Vedic in the yoga tradition, when there are masters who reach a certain level of consciousness, they get certain mystical powers, levitation, manifestation by location, multiple things that they can do. Is there anything like that in the druid tradition? When the druid or a druid master, if you will, gets to a certain level of consciousness? Is there anything like that that happens to them it throughout mythology or history?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 50:44
Yeah, there is. Absolutely. And so the interesting thing is, and you know, this, as well as I, that in the Hindu tradition, they're called cities, you know, without the great teacher. So you know, don't be kind of, don't be attracted by this, these are just kind of artifacts on the journey. So they're not necessarily kind of measures of enlightenment. So you have to be really careful that that's not the objective of the exercise, just to kind of somehow foster these gifts. So they may come you're on the road. And if they do, if you can learn to use them for the benefit of others, great, but there can be an extraordinary disruptive distraction. So with that, can you caveat then there obviously, are techniques, and there are states of consciousness in which we have access to much greater kinds of powers. So I remember, for instance, there was a great novella written in some time in the 1860s called Flatland. Do you ever come across it?

Alex Ferrari 51:35
I've heard of that Flatland. Yes. It's a great, great book. Yeah. Everything's flat. And then like, yeah, everyone's perspective.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 51:41
Yeah, exactly. So there are beings who live on a plane, like a sheet of paper, and you're the only two dimensional object. So there could be like a square or a triangle or a circle, but they don't believe there's a third dimensional reality is not possible. And then one day, a sphere, from a three dimensional comes down and tries to make contact with a square, you know, and the two dimensional, and he's trying to persuade the square, that the third dimension exists, and that's clearly impossible. If you existed, I'd be able to see you, you know, I can't be true. So the sphere system, I tell you what I'll do, I'll come down, and I'll penetrate the plane in which you live. And initially, you'll see just a little dust, and then the dot will become a circle, and it'll get bigger and bigger and bigger, until they reach my meridian. And then it gets smaller and smaller and smaller, and under the disappear. And aggressive I got me see that. And so that's exactly what it is, this fear comes down, penetrates the plane, suddenly, a dot appears that the square can see, and it becomes a circle that you can see, and it started getting bigger and bigger. And then at some stage, you start getting smaller and disappears. And it's crossing. Whoa, that is amazing. Is there any chance you could take me to the third dimension, so they arrange it, and he elevates the gate to the third dimension? Now, at that stage, the second dimensional guy back in the second dimension goes, Well, I wonder if there's a fourth dimension, and the third of Michigan so it'll be totally ridiculous. They're only three dimensions. So crapped wherever we're at. Now, I use that example. Actually, yesterday with the resurrection of Jesus, there's a story where Jesus comes into the upper room, and the doors are locked, the disciples are inside and their fear that they're afraid they're gonna get hurt captors by the sword, the doors are locked, and it just comes in. Now imagine Jesus isn't a fourth dimension. Or let's say, let's lose the flatland there is the square on a two dimensional surface and the sphere is going to come down. If the sphere intersects with the plane, right in the middle of the square, there's, the middle of the square, and then that expands, and suddenly it gets to the edge of the square. And it goes past the age. And the square thing. How did you do that? How did you penetrate my walls? Nothing can penetrate my walls. And the Tucker's Yeah, he's coming from a totally different dimension, now of Jesus, in a resurrected sense, is at a far higher level than this 3d reality. Like, it's like child's play to him, he can do anything he wants with us. So now we've got the city. So they go back to the original question, then, do you find that you're in Celtic lore? And the answer is yes. That is a druids who are trained in all kinds of arts mystical kinds of arts will exhibit abilities, like shapeshifting, for instance, on regular basis, you know, our levitation, stuff like that healing practices. So they'll, they'll practice those, but the, the idea is not to get sidelined by that, but accept those as part of the kind of the argument for the journey. But the journey is more important than the candidate, the weaponry I'm taking with me.

Alex Ferrari 54:35
It's so fascinating that the more I talk to people, the more I have people on the show, the more these ideas, these core ideas just keep coming up and get reinforced that the truth is The truth is the truth no matter what, and it's not just one way of looking at it. There's multiple people, multiple types of traditions, all going to the same point we're all trying to elevate whether it's through mystical juice Islam, mythical, the Lord as the ones for Islam, the the mystics of Islam, I forgot them but the mystics of Islam, Sufis, thank you the Sufis, the Sufi isms, and the mystics of Christianity and the yogi's and we're all going to the same place. It's all just different flavors of the same ice cream. It's all the different flavors of the same ice cream. It just absolutely, absolutely baffles me sometimes. I'll hear that.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 55:34
I heard a great story one time about Thomas Merton and, and the Dalai Lama meeting accidentally at an airport or going different places, and they recognize each other in the airport. And nothing speaks to the guys language. So they just come up and they hug and they start laughing. And Actonel just cracking up. There's not a word exchanged between the two of them, but they get it sold to us all. You know, we're on the same journey as just two different customers at the top of the same mountain. So when mistakes meet, there's total unanimity when theologians made this cacophony, you know, and religious wars.

Alex Ferrari 56:05
You're absolutely right. You're absolutely right. This is in the this questions about the year it's in the United Kingdom. I'm not sure if it's Ireland specifically. I know this is more our theory and legend. But Merlin Yes, Merlin had aspects of obviously paganism in druid as well, right. Am I wrong? So can you tell me a little because Merlin is one of those figures that everyone thinks is an absolute? Oh, this beautiful story. But there's a lot of there's a lot of historical information that there was a Merlin, and he was magical. What would have been magic back then.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 56:46
Exactly. Yeah. So I mean, it's interesting when you think about the notion of magic, our miracle. If somebody were to say to me, Do you believe in miracles, I have to say, What do you mean by miracle? If you mean that God temporarily set aside the laws of the cosmos in order to indulge the prayers of all the people, I don't believe in miracles, but it by Americans, you understand that the cosmos is much more complex, and we understand it, and that there are beings and avatars who understand the deepest levels of cosmic law, and can work with these cosmic laws, then I do believe in miracles, that they're capable of doing stuff that the rest of us look like, really, really, ridiculously miss. Miraculous, but are not miracles in that sense, because that's how the cosmos is set up as interesting. The Greek spelled word Cosmos two different ways. When they're spelled with a C, they mean the physical universe of which we're apart, when they're spelled with a K. It means the metaphysical universe of which the physical universe is simply a printout or a hardcopy. And so the great mystics understand the laws of the cosmos with a K and 60 understand them, they can utilize them, you know, so it's gonna look miraculous to us. But it's not miraculous. It's how the cosmos is set up, is like, if I bring a television set, and show it to a Bushmen of the Kalahari, you know, and there's moving fingers talking to each other. He think it's magic, it takes us talking America, if I give the same television set to a toddler in United States of America, it's just his babysitter. He's well used to it. Now, it's not a miracle. So we have to understand what's miraculous. It's only miraculous according to the mindset, and the kind of limitations of the perceiver not to the actuality, in itself. Yeah, Merlin is real. And there's actually a great story in Christian mythology, that you heard of the character called Joseph Mark armour, Thea, Joseph was the guy who went to Pilate and asked to have the body of Jesus taken off Macross there's a theory that Joseph of Arimathea was actually a noncollege Jesus, and that he was a tinsmith, a very wealthy man, and that he traveled all over the world, you know, to tin mines. And they're very famous in Wales in Cornwall, which is Southwestern England, which Celtic speaking area famous for its Druidry. And that he would take the boy Jesus on these journeys with them, so that Jesus would have met the druids and the Merlin's of Cornwall, also, you know, just farmer tears going east, you know, and Jesus meeting Buddhists and Hindus, and to Egypt, that kind of the marry the Mystery Schools of Egypt. So he's been educated, and many different mystical traditions. But he wouldn't come across the Merlin of his time. And druidical figure with the same kinds of powers that the great mystics display, because they understand the cosmos with the K. They're not confined to the cosmos with the sea.

Alex Ferrari 59:27
You just mentioned the Mystery Schools of Egypt. I'd love to hear your point of view of the mystery, because that's something I've heard about multiple times. I heard that Jesus, I mean, I've had multiple episodes of scholars who talked about Jesus in India, Jesus in Tibet. I think it was Jesus in Tibet, in India and Egypt, that they studied that that was that time period that was missing. Right, exactly the stuff that really wouldn't really work with the story that they were talking about in the Bible. It would throw a whole lot of things out of whack. Can you talk a little bit about what It was in the Mystery Schools of Egypt, we've already established that the Latin the Atlantean, has brought that's information over there. But from your research and experience, what what are the Mystery Schools of Egypt.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:00:12
So when I look at, for instance, I look at the world globe, and they look at the great civilizations, but in the kind of the, the audience and kind of the Occidental, you know, they have Mexico and South America, and they look at Asia, you know, the great cultures that came from Asia, India, and China, and you look at kind of North Africa, and look at Egypt and places like that, and the Levant, Israel, Syria, Babylon, Persia, places like that, it feels to me like that. Survivors from Atlantis, you know, spread all over the world. And we're trying to raise the consciousness of people who have been totally traumatized, that whatever population can, if it was left, we're absolutely traumatized and reduced to kind of Stone Age. Because, if you will, for instance, if there were to be a nuclear event, God forbid, in our times, the only survivors will be the denizens of the Amazon, people who know how to live, you know, and I know just the forest in which they live, but technology will be gone, as we understand it, the buildings will be gone, transport will be gone, you know, television would be gone, or communications would be gone. So that had to be revised again, by if there were to be some kind of a remnant that survived it. Now, if Atlantis was a very advanced society, and when they think of kind of the Atlantis, I'm not thinking about technology, necessarily about kind of mechanical technology, as much as in mental technology, the ability of the mind to manifest stuff that that's more important to me than pure, just technology. And so if they're a remnant had survived, and now they're visiting the kind of the remnants, trying to find out other kinds of Survivor populations anywhere. And wherever they encounter them, they begin to build from the ground up. And therefore, they're going to look at as Jesus did in his life, when Jesus talking to a group of people, he's identifying him immediately, who's who's kind of interpreting this, what I'm saying, literally, who's getting it symbolically, who's getting esoterically, and who's getting admittedly. And he realizes there's four different kinds of audience listening to, and each group is going to take away a totally different message. Only those were really mystical will understand the core meaning. So now you get these kind of survivors from Atlantis, very, very high civilization, spiritually, and mentally, as well as maybe technologically. And they're dealing now with people who have been reduced to kind of caveman living. And now they're going to teach maybe agriculture and canon and toolmaking, whatever, but they're going to spot those among them who are ready for a higher kind of learning, I know you have the idea of esoteric knowledge, or mystery schools, they're going to call it aside a few, a few of those, okay, we're gonna do a weekend seminar here, I'm going to elevate your consciousness. So I think the mystery schools that you find all over the Levant, particularly, and in Egypt, where you can do survivors of Atlantis, identifying sub populations that were ready for never another level of evolution, and that they were, you know, inculcate him into that. But they're being very, very careful. Because in the past, as we saw with Atlantis, ultimately, it led to the demise of Atlantis, that they used even mental technology to destroy the entire kind of experiment. So to be very careful, that to make sure that the kind of the the new technology is working hand in hand, with a sense of morality and ethics, and that you're not going to put a nuclear weapon into the hands of a terrorist. And so I think, for me, that's what the mystery schools of the Middle East and North Africa represented

Alex Ferrari 1:03:38
This, I want to unpack something that you said that was so beautiful that they identified in the mystery schools around the world, not just in Egypt, but different kinds of that kind of lineage in Mesoamerica, and other areas of the world, that there were a portion of the of the audience or of the populace that was ready to raise their consciousness. But the majority were not. We I've been saying this from the top of the mountain, we are now in the greatest shift of consciousness in the history of humanity as we know it, as we know it even more. So let's say you believe in Lemuria. And Atlantis, we are actually shifting at a different level than they were, they might have been more advanced in certain aspects of it. But obviously, the ego was really involved with that because it ended up to their demise. We as a society now are shifting and consciousness in a large way, where this conversation is going to be seen by hundreds of 1000s of people, possibly millions of people. And people are searching for it. People are wanting to hear these conversations. You've been doing this long enough to know how things have changed from when you came back from Africa and 88. This conversation would have not happened. Not publicly at least maybe in a bar maybe at a coffee shop. Or maybe when we were in Vegas in that other lifetime, we might have had this conversation in between poker games and drinks. But But, but I'd love to hear your point of view of where you see humanity right now. And where we're going.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:05:19
Usually a parting question, Alex. And so, you know, we're stuck in the west with this notion of time being a linear progression from the past to the present to the future, kind of indigenous societies didn't believe in that they believed in a kind of a circular, that there are great epochs all the way some kind of, you know, a moon 29 days, as we follow the moon cycles, to a year of 265.23 days in the Mayan calendar, to kind of 26.5 1000 years, you know, the kind of the, the equinox, precession of the equinoxes to Kennedy the cycle of our solar system around the corner in the Milky Way galaxy. So they're kind of cycles within cycles within cycles. But they wanted to be the parabolic or circular, I believe, rather, in what I call a spiral, that we're not even just going around the circles because we're going on the circles, we're just digging ourselves into a rut and making the same mistakes again. So I believe we're going in a spiral, that each time we meet the same kind of situation, we're dealing with more and more adroitly, but at some stage, even a spiral can go asymptotic. So you know, if you took a graph and climbing gradually, and all of a sudden, it goes a very, very steep climb. And finally, there is infinite change in zero time. That is an asymptotic. I think a spiral can go asymptotic as well. And I think we're at a stage of the spiral of human history, that's going asymptotic. And we're lucky enough to be part of the birthing process. And that's what compassion really means. When you look at the teaching of Jesus when He says, You must be compassionate as your heavenly Father as compassionate. The work is the word he's using in Arabic, speaking Aramaic, as the word rock, the meme, Anwar Amin is the plural for the word for a womb. So he said, You must be warm, like, in other words, you must conceive and carrying give birth again and again and again. And we're not finished giving birth, until we give birth to God, that is the entire objective of project planet Earth is to give birth to God. So at various stages, you know, I first identify with my ego at age eight once and then identify with my name Sean, and then I identify with my family, and then identify with, you know, my tribe and then identify with my profession or whatever, these are all minor myths identifications, we have to keep this identifying with lesser versions of yourself. But we finally realize that we are guide in human garb, and that our objective is to give birth to God on planet Earth, that our mission is no less than to give birth to God on planet Earth.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:51
And talking a lot about these avatars, these masters who have walked the Jesus's the Buddhas of the world. And I've sat there and contemplate it sometimes the absolute love that these beings have had for humanity, to come down in barbaric times. And to I mean, the the teachings of Jesus, the teachings of Buddha were so radical, they're radical two day, people today are still having problems, wrapping their head around what they said, in the in the information that they were trying to give us. But I can only imagine, in you know, 2000 years ago, Jesus talking about, you know, you are, thy kingdom of God is within you, you know, which is essentially you are God, essentially, everything I can do, you can do and more. These ideas are so hard to wrap our head around now. Can you imagine what the basic programming of the day, the lack of information, the lack of consciousness, at that time here, at least, you know, we have some base of information after 2000 years, but they didn't even have an Buddha even before then absolute barbaric times, for them to come down and sacrifice themselves in a way that they know they're gonna, they're gonna get rocks thrown at them, they're gonna get absolutely, this is not going to be a fun ride. And yet they did it out of love for humanity. In all the avatars and all the Ascended Masters do this. It's pretty remarkable. I'd love to hear what you think about that.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:09:29
I totally agree with you. That's the essence of love, Alex, it has the kind of the total, a dis identification, and Paul's has a very beautifully in his letter to the Philippians where he says, you know, had that mindset in you, which was also in Christ Jesus, although he was God, he did not think with the victory, but he emptied himself taking the form of a slave and being found in human form. He humbled Himself even to accepting death, death on a cross. Is that what you're saying? I mean, how much love can you have, where you renounce your own divinity in order to get To temporarily identify with the deepest, darkest, densest part, and this Bueller pass. I'm not a big believer in the creedal formulations of the Catholic Church. But there's one line in the apostles creed that comes from the fourth century, where it says, after he died, I was putting the tomb, he descended into hell, as like Christ has so much love, that he descended into the deepest, darkest dungeons of life forms, in order to bring light to people who are them without hope of any kind. And in some senses, that's what the avatars all do by coming to Planet Earth. But it's also what you did, and what I did and what everybody else is doing, that we who are bite sized pieces of God had so much love for the divine, that we wanted to experience the Union by temporarily experienced separation. Because unless you're, unless you're experienced darkness, you don't have a full appreciation of light. Unless you have experienced being away from home, you don't fully appreciate home, unless you're separated apparently from God, you don't appreciate who God is. And that these beings had the extraordinary love that they could orderly kind of inhabit spaces, which was so dense and so dark, that they could even be gaslighted. And this was the kind of this for me was the great temptation of Jesus and get 70 That and the night before he died, Satan comes from one final train says, Yeah, your fingers like the Buddy is no father. There is no good. You've wasted your time. You know, get out of dodge, when you still have time. You're gonna be carved this time tomorrow. It's all made up. It's a crapload. There is no God, there is no mission, you made it up, you're hallucinating. And that's why Jesus sweated blood. But one horrible moment is thinking, Oh, my God Almighty, did I just make this up? Did I dedicate my life to something which is a myth? And then still is able to say no, I'm going to cleave, I remember why he came, I'm going to stick with the program.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:50
And that story, the story of the devil is an analogy. It is a myth of like, there wasn't that literal devil showed up in their little receipt and showed up in please. You're more scholarly, I'm imagining then I am in the in the Christian Catholic text. is the true that there is no hell. In the Old Testament. I haven't read the Bible quite some time that the concept of Hell was brought into the New Testament, and really reinforced when Dante wrote that little series of books. Because that's the idea. The idea of hell that we have in popular culture is daunting.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:12:29
Right! Right. Yeah. So it's a great question. You know, part of the problem was that when you look at the history of the evolution of the Hebrew Scriptures, so they only began to be written down about 550 BCE. And so although they're talking about times with pre data, that they're only actually writing their texts by 550 BCE, and they're in exile in Babylon. And there's only two tribes left Judah and Benjamin, the 10 northern tribes had been destroyed in 722 BCE, by the Assyrian Empire. So there's two tribes left. And at this stage, Zoroastrianism is very strong in Persia, and the Persian Empire overcame the Babylonians and fight 39 BCE, and set the last two tribes of Israel free to go back to the land of Israel. But while they're in, in Babylon, they come under the influence of Zoroastrianism. And Zoroastrianism is really, really big into, they've reduced the painting of the village down to two, two gods, the god of light and darkness, or who the man is the anatomy man, and the Jews are picking that up. And when they come back, they fuse the two into a single divinity. And so, at this stage now, Judaism has no belief in life after death at that stage, nobody from life after death. So you have to come right down to about the time that the Maccabees which is about 187 BCE, before there's a motion of life after death. So the idea of hell wouldn't make any sense. If there is no afterlife, we just disappear. And once we die, we disappear. So from 187 onwards, then I think, Okay, what does happen, you know, when we die, and so, in the, the books of Maccabees, which aren't included in the, in the person scriptures, but they are in the Catholic scriptures, there are offerings given for the dead, as well, the belief system was that those who are destined for an afterlife, you know, Rose somehow, and those who were, who were bad, dissolved, they disappeared to have a non existence. So it's not like there's a heaven and hell, and one group at the top was down, and the other guy that comes up, there's no Thomas down there, just disintegration, you don't exist anymore. So the idea of an afterlife was really linked into Judaism. And it's primarily either a heaven or nothing else. But at the time of Jesus, then there was an area outside Jerusalem, which was like garbage pile where they burned all the garbage from the city, and it was called Gahanna. That's when there's a constant fire going on there. So Jesus will use that metaphorically, as those people, you know, were burning wood kind of their own self importance and their their selfishness and they're non committal to compassionately saying they're going to burn in Ghana, but he's talking about not about a plasmid. eternal torment. He talks about what happens when you're in the grip of the flames of addiction or narcissism of various kinds. What that will be translated in by the Catholic Church as an actual Lorcan locale, you know, and that if you don't do what the Catholic Church tells you to do, you're going to get the thumbs down, and you gonna spend eternity in hell. For me, held does not exist. Hell as a as a sociological phenomenon, that we create interest psychically or socially among ourselves by the way in which we behave, but it is not an afterlife condition. And heaven is not a canvas place when you get I know you, I made it. I know you get your NCC 137 Here's your happen. Here's your your MCs, heaven is an infinite gradation of ascending frequencies. As you grow more and more now, you have a different experience in the afterlife. So it's not like just a one size fits all.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:50
And isn't. Is it a true though the characters did talk about hell. And if you don't do well, but wasn't there a pope at a certain point go, now there is a hell but for a price we can get you in. We know we know the door guy. But St. Peter, we could put a good word in for you. And you could walk in just pay us there was a there was like a 50 or 100 year period, that the Catholic Church buying your way into.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:16:17
That was the 1500 that were at the time of that was sent Luther. In fact, when in the cases where you could buy indulgences, you know, if you pay it again if they were upgrading St. Peter's at the time, so you could spring people on appropriately or save them from hell. So yeah, you keep the route and you pay up and then we get to read the heavens, like the modern decade of preachers, you know, you can send me $100 first.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:43
You can have you can have a limousine, but God needs I need a Learjet I needed earlier just to please everybody send me money. And they say it with such confidence. It's fascinating. So I assume that you've been to Vatican City, you've been to St. Peter's.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:16:59
My faith. My faith isn't strong enough to survive Rome.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:04
Oh, my so I've actually been to a place I've been to I've been to Rome. Okay. Well, Rome itself, a city is wonderful. But I've been to Vatican City. And when I went to Vatican City, I went to St. Peter's. And I walked in and it's, I mean, it's a stunning place. And I'm really I mean, you, you can't you can't deny the all of what they built. It's, it's a it's just awe inspiring. It really is, on a engineering standpoint, on an artistic standpoint, Michelangelo's over here and it's just amazing. And then I got to go down to the archives, or the catacombs to the catacombs where the Pope's are buried, they had an open, I just happen to walk in. And I'm walking around. And I'm seeing Oh, there's Pope Luther. There's another poll from the 1300s. And they're all just, you know, in their, in their in their they're just lying there, chillin. And then I turn a corner. And I wasn't allowed to take pictures. They said Please, no pictures or video while you down there. So I respected that. I turned the corner and I see this room that is ornate in a way that nothing else down there is everything else. There's very stone and you know, it's a Catacomb. But this place had artwork, it had a glass door. It's all of this and I'm like looking I'm like what was in there. And it was St. Peter. Wow, it's Peters it's Peters remains wrong. So and I was like whole league, holy crap seriously. I couldn't believe in the it was just such a fascinating idea. Because in the culture that we live in of celebrity, he's a pretty big celebrity. That scope of Christianity is St. Peter. But as I was walking out, throughout the entire time I was there. I just kept saying, it just kept saying to my wife, I kept saying it to myself, I don't this has nothing to do with Jesus. This has absolutely nothing to do with a son of a carpenter walking around, trying to elevate and awaken the people he spoke to. This is so not what he had in mind. You know, I know you and I both love Yogananda and his My favorite quote of yoga, one of my favorites of his is Jesus was crucified in one day, but his teachings were crucified for the next 2000 years. And it's, it's so so true. What do you I want to ask you what your perspective is on this because against this, you've been at this longer than I have. You've seen how things have changed. I remember when I went to Catholic school, it was still Catholic school. It was still non Roman Catholic Church, the nuns. There was power there was there was no there's no you know, issues with the priests back then. Most none of that stuff going on. They hadn't come out yet. Mmm. But it seems that people are running away from organized religion in general, and opening themselves up to the ideas that you figured out early on in your path. Where do you think this is all heading for organized religion in general, not just the Catholic Church, we pick on it because that's we have the rights to. But generally speaking, all organized religions, fear based religions, who are more dogmatic and people are just running from, what do you think this is all gonna go?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:20:35
I think not just religion. But I think the entire world situation is moving into an era of decentralization. I think it's true in our economic models, or educational systems, or medical models, or political systems, or religious systems, that, you know, these mega organizations, you know, what I've seen again, and again and again, is that there's about between one and 2% of the population are born as psychopaths. But when you look at the upper echelons of politics, and finance, that the churches, the military organization, they're psychopathology is gravely over represented there, that some of these people managed to get themselves to the top of these organizations. So what I've seen again, and again, and again, with all organizations that start off with some kind of mystical or compassionate impulse, it goes through the following cycle. The first thing is that you get some kind of a really an avatar figure, a really compassionate figure with a mystical impulse, mystical vision. And he's very charismatic individuals are a group of kinds of disciples or followers gathered on stage to a group of followers. Stage three is, this guy is almost inevitably he's assassinated or killed or crucified almost inevitably, state foreigners, the disciples, no create a community in his memory. Stage four, stage five is now this community organize itself into an organization. Stage Five is some little group get to the top of the organization, often self appointed hierarchy. stage seven is now the ancestor an orthodox orthodoxy, you have to believe this if you're gonna be a member of our group, stage seven is, if you don't believe what we tell you, we're going to give subject to the Inquisition, we're going to literally tell you, could you live apart? The next stage is, if we have enough power, we're not going to lead crusade against the outsiders who don't believe we're going to convert them and we're gonna kill them. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 1:22:26
In Jesus name in Jesus name, amen, Jesus.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:22:31
And then some new prophet Orion says the guys, this is not the master said, to get Francis of Assisi coming in the 1200s. And saying, Guys, this is not what the master was about. And he finds a new organization with a new vision called the Franciscans, what happens? Within 200 years, the Franciscans are in charge of the Inquisition, they are pulling people in from limb. Yeah. So you get the same cycle. Again, I see the same thing in politics, economic model. So I see that the future of spirituality is in a kind of small communities, you know, kind of like networking with adjure, like synapses on a global brain. And that the same thing is true of economic models, or medical systems, or educational models, or entertainment models, that is gonna be much more power at the local level, and then interfacing with other groups and learning from each other. I think that's, that's what the ShakeOut was going to lead to,

Alex Ferrari 1:23:23
And the internet as a big part of that. Yeah, no connectivity.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:23:27
Yeah, there was the title of the shadow with the newest fear, again, of the mind, mind sheath, but we need to break through the mind, she learned to the animal sphere, which is the soul, sphere, and then the numerous sphere, the spirit sphere, and finally together, God consciousness itself. So we're only halfway there in this journey, back to source.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:46
And I always I talk about this movie a lot on the show, because I think it's such a wonderful representation of a lot of the ideas and core concepts we're talking about, which is the matrix, which is I'm assuming you've seen the matrix matrix. And Neil, who is basically Jeffries, who is also if you've it's also the one, it literally His name is the one just Mispillion that all these ideas, how he's able to evolve throughout the course of the movie to the point where he becomes a master and is able then to manipulate the dimension that he's in both not only the dimension, that the matrix, which is the false dimension, but also the he eventually gets the point where he can do it in the real life, the real world as well. So he becomes all all powerful throughout his own beliefs of being able to raise his own consciousness to a certain level. So I think that's one of those movies that changed as humanity I think actually came out it just the ideas that dropped it was see it's seated the population in a way that is is rippled to this day.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:24:57
Beautiful. Yeah, bring a long time since I saw But I totally agree with you. I know when you when you have an appreciation of movies that I don't have to say, I never made that connection between you and one. Thanks for that. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:25:10
Well, I mean, I'll argue and I'll argue the most spiritual movie of all time, what do you think the most spiritual movie, in my opinion of all time is, and we'll finish it on this. And it came out, it came out in the 90s. It came out in the 90s. And it's a comedy.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:25:27
Let me think about you. I see a movie about every three years, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 1:25:32
Okay, so you might not be the one to ask this question, too. But I'll tell you, did you ever see a movie called Groundhog's Day? Groundhog's Day is the most spiritual film ever made? In my opinion, you know why? Because it is the it is a representation of the soul's evolution, and reincarnation, and if so, he starts off, he starts off, like, what will I have, if I have all power, I'll eat a lot, I'll have sex, I'll do this. But then if he gets bored, he's like, Well, there's only so much you know, so many people I could sleep with and so much food I can eat and so much money I can spend, then he starts to travel, and maybe I should help some people. Maybe I should educate myself to the point where he finally gets to the end, evolved to this almost mystical, godlike creature. That is, until he finally able to break free of the of the recycle cart, reinstall the reincarnation cycle. And he finally breaks free to then live the rest of his life off normally again, but he has built out all of this stuff. So it's just but it's so much in that movie parallel lives multiverse, reincarnation, the souls of illusion, what do you I just love to hear your thoughts on that.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:26:49
I love it. I love that interpretation says immediately as you were saying it, it brought me back to the Hindu notion of you know, the different kinds of levels of reincarnation that we start off, you know, and we're addicted to sensual pleasure. And Hinduism says there's nothing wrong with that, you know, if you can enjoy good sex, or good wine, or good food or whatever, but at some stage, after maybe 100 incarnations, you think there must be something more to life than just good food. And then you see, okay, power, privilege and prestige, I need to can be a powerful individual, or control of people or whatever. And, and there's nothing wrong with that if you can exercise power, you know, with compassion. But at some stage, you realize there must be something more to life than just sensory pleasure and power. And then the third series of incarnations have to do with that service that you're compassionately reaching out to others within Hinduism says, but even that one is an illusion, because is predicated on the notion of separation, I can't be of service to you. And that's a thing that your other than I. So the realization of moksha, that there is only one. So that's the final series of incarnations, then the realization of moksha. So that's what I hear you saying in the in the Bill Murray movie, that's beautiful. Yeah. Is

Alex Ferrari 1:28:03
Seán I literally can talk to you for another seven days, eight days, nine days, 10 days. This is It's been such a wonderful pleasure talking to you. I mean, literally, I can't wait to our next conversation. But as you since you are a fan of the show, and you've watched the show a bunch, you know that I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. Yes. So my first question is, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:28:26
Living s fulfilled life, I kind of lovingly and fearlessly aligning with the mission, which I run, I volunteer and I shine in this incarnation. So being fully in alignment with the purpose for which I incarnated and I said, Yes, send me your

Alex Ferrari 1:28:44
Now if you had a chance to go back in time, and speak to Little Seán, what advice would you give him?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:28:50
I would say to him that there are going to be lots of disappointments and some tragedies in your life. And you'll find out that there have been the greatest blessings in our harvest.

Alex Ferrari 1:29:03
How do you define God or Source?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:29:06
Right! So I am a pantheist, in the sense that pantheism is the belief that God is the sum total of all that exists. I don't believe that's true, I believe in pantheism, which says God is the sum total of all that exists and a lot more besides. So it's like it configuring Shakespeare with his collected works. So there's a lot more to this exponents connected works. As a pantheism says, yeah, there's this collective works. But that's not the totality of Shakespeare, there's a lot more he was a father or he was a brother, or he was a husband, you know, what a garden or whatever else he was, besides, and so for me, it's more kind of pantheistic. And so I came up with a phrase a few years ago that when I say that, God is the, the meta Cosmic Womb, in which embryonic Christ consciousness is marinated in the amniotic fluid of pure love.

Alex Ferrari 1:29:53
Beautifully said sir, and then what is love?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:29:57
Love for me is the is this Source of All That Is, I talked about the five hours, there's love, there's life. There's low goose, there's a light, there's life. And there's laughter. So I think love is the origin of light, and loggers. So, light is the all all matters lovely frozen light. So love gives birth to light, which is not her. And because it gives birth to logos, and logos is the morphological agent that which gives shape to matter. So if you think of a potter with a lump of clay, that clears from light, there's light filled, and the Potter is the morphological agent that creates a ball or a couple of that. So love creates these twins, that dance with each other. And in this dance between lights, you know, and loggers life emerges. And the objective of life is to learn how to laugh, that literally is to laugh at the illusion under which we live. And to wake up and realize you know that this was an illusion, I bought into it. And I now realize that there is only God, I'm playing a role that God assigned to me.

Alex Ferrari 1:30:59
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:31:01
The ultimate purpose of life, then I would say, as I would say, is to set God free from our projections. So God can set us free from our illusions.

Alex Ferrari 1:31:11
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:31:15
So my website is And so you can find any books I've written or, you know, Sunday Mass, or how many is that I've given about an hour? So they're all and Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:31:29
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:31:31
Sure. I would say, listen to this guy. Listen to Alex. You're an extraordinary. You're an extraordinary conduit, Alex, for great ideas to be disseminated to huge populations. You're a channel of love of light and of logs as far as I'm concerned. And it's been a privilege to have been able to spend some time with you. And I wish you the best of luck in you're going to reach a much much bigger audience because you have much bigger message than you realize even yourself.

Alex Ferrari 1:32:03
My friend, thank you so much for those kind words. And thank you for the amazing work you're doing to awaken the planet. So I appreciate you my friend.

Fr. Seán ÓLaoire 1:32:12

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