I Have No INNER Voice: What REALLY Happens During Kundalini Awakening with Cornelius Christopher

Cornelius Christopher courageously opens up his life to show how we urgently need to change the way we treat one another and, more importantly, ourselves.

ONEO is one of the most influential and inspiring spiritual awakening journeys you will ever read. From despair to enlightenment, every sentence rings with honesty and bravery; the details and description of Cornelius’s Consciousness awakening with no previous spiritual insight or understanding are unbelievable; you are right there when this happens.

The story begins the moment Cornelius experiences what physicists call a quantum superposition, during which he is forced to watch his own funeral and the heart-wrenching scene of him dying in his wife’s arms from his future suicide. From there, this incredible life-changing page turner of a roller coaster ride continues.

Through a perplexing series of unfolding events following his awakening, Cornelius discovers newfound abilities, including his continuous connection with Consciousness and a gift for healing physical and emotional trauma. While healing his wife, Cornelius is shown a vision to write his life story channeled by Consciousness to share incredible insights, knowledge and eye-opening truths about how reality and Consciousness are interconnected.

The truth of who you really are — and who you’re not and the tools regarding how to move forward living from the heart in a happier higher vibration. The ability to heal yourself including, how to unshackle and let go of painful emotional traumas, subconscious beliefs, programs and even the ego.

ONEO is more than an autobiography; it’s beyond words, beyond anything you have ever read before; it’s life and world-changing. Prepare to be awakened.

Please enjoy my conversation with Cornelius Christopher.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 216

Cornelius Christopher 0:00
When consciousness said to me and you know, you've read the book consciousness has said, Cornelius, will you help heal the world, one person at a time starts within, then family. That's what consciousness asked me.

Alex Ferrari 0:21
I'd like to welcome to the show, Cornelius Christopher. How you doing Cornelius?

Cornelius Christopher 0:26
I'm really very good. Thank you, Alex, for having me on board. Really, really excited to be part of what you're doing what you're creating your message, your inspiration, your hope, and how to empower other people. So I really appreciate that, that you've given me this time to talk about what we're going to be talking about.

Alex Ferrari 0:42
Yeah, my friend. And thank you so much for those kind words, I am, I am a fan of what you do. And I just got done reading your book one hour, which is it's a short read. It's, it's, it's, it definitely can hold down a house during a hurricane. But is a powerful, powerful book. And you've lived a very interesting to say the least life thus far. So we're going to talk about your awakening and what your life was like before you awaken. So that's my first question to you. What was your life like? And I know these answers a lot of these answers already, because I've read your book, but there's a short version, because we could be here all day. But what was your life like prior to this spiritual awakening you had?

Cornelius Christopher 1:38
Where the book starts off for the age of seven years old, and at the age of seven years old, without going into like real details, because it is a very open raw, honest account of my life, my traumas, my pain, my suffering. And that's probably where it stayed at seven years old, I never got out of that vibration, that low vibration of life can actually work out, you know, you know, seeing my see my mom, you know, get raped at seven years old, you know, happened to me, you know, raped, abuse molested from seven to 13 years old, you know, passed around, you can't get out of that vibration, you just can't see a way out. And no matter how I tried to, no matter how I tried to make friends, I couldn't make friends with this person. So I always looked on the outside, I always looked on something that I was lacking that I didn't know I was lacking. And that was Love, love, kindness for myself, joy, compassion, empathy, understand understanding. So all of my life, I've just attracted in a low vibration, the long people. That's how I saw my life, you know, never made a friend in my life, Alex unable to make a friend until I met my beautiful wife. People just took everything from me to the point where my inner voice just said, Enough is enough. commit suicide, find your happiness, restart, come back down, we try again. So when your mind is so negative, when your programs patterns, loops, your subconscious beliefs are saying, You're not good enough, who wants to be with you? Right? And you're not smart enough, right? And when those programs, patterns and loops just are constantly on, on Play, 24/7 they do not stop. You're not working right? Then what you're going to do is listen to the inner voice, your mind, your ego, your monkey mind your chatter, because you believe that's who you are, like many, many people around the world, they believe that this is who they are, because that's who's having a communication with you. So why would you not listen to yourself? And that's where, you know, at the age of 45, who's going to commit suicide? You were planning a plan that planned everything right. I you know, one of the things is, I was a I don't know how to say this, and I'm not taking the mick you're being being really one, Sam, but I was a considerate, suicidal person, which meant, I laid out the foundation where my wife would benefit financially, because she's already she's going to be grieving anyway. Right? But she doesn't have to like worry about money and don't have to worry about renting that. So I laid everything out. It took me six months to have a plan of how I was going to do this effectively. And yeah, I was two months away from committing suicide. And then on March 29, at 9:26 I had a you call it spiritual awakening. I call it awakening of consciousness or consciousness awakening when I realized that it did not matter, Alex, it did not matter how I got to what I experienced. And what I experienced on that day is a quantum superposition. That's what physicists call it meaning one or more to meet one or more realities existing in the same time, same space. And in that space, through this experience that I had, I saw myself commit suicide, why my wife held me in her arms. And she was heartbroken, she was gone. Now what I realized is that my mind my inner voice, my ego, it got me to this point. And I was listening to it. But here's the thing. If my mind wanted me to commit suicide, Alex, then who has shown me how to get out of it can't be two of us. One can't tell one person commit suicide, and then say don't. So what happened is, it didn't matter who treated me how bad I was treated, even treating myself with disrespect, no love. I realized that I had a choice to make. And that choice was, do I create pain and suffering for my wife? Or do I create pain and suffering for myself by not committing suicide? And in this beautiful experience that I had, were confronted the ego, I confronted my past, I confronted my future, I decided then then not to commit suicide. And what followed was five hours of what most people call a kundalini awakening, I'm going to call it awaken of consciousness because I don't have an inner voice. I have no ego. I have no chatter, I have no monkey mind. I have pure silence all the time. And it's been like that for three and a half years.

Alex Ferrari 6:32
Okay, so let's dig into that for a little bit. Because you say these things. And everyone listening is going I'm sorry, what? You have no ego, you have no inner voice? How is that even possible? Even as a functioning human being? Don't you need thoughts? Don't you need ideas to flow in and out? Or how is it being processed in your world done.

Cornelius Christopher 6:57
So the first vote, so this is the beautiful thing. So the first nearly three and a half years still doing this? Now, I have to live by post it notes. I have no subconscious telling me that this is what I have to do. I have no subconscious saying, by the way, you know, you gotta go and make a cup of tea. By the way, you've got to eat, I have nothing. They're telling me, this is what I have to do. So for the first three and a half years I live by, it's almost like post it notes all over the world. This is not sponsored by post it notes, okay. But I had posted those all over the wall, telling me, this is what I needed to do. Because what I used, what I did do is live my life consciously, I made conscious efforts, one from the heart, not the mind anymore. So I live from this space, rather than this space. It's a challenge, Alex, it is a challenge every single day. Because when you have no inner voice or subconscious mind, you really have no memory. So I literally have ran about 95% memory loss. So every single day is a brand new day.

But yeah you still remember people you still remember events, things like that.

Alex Ferrari 8:01
Post it notes. Yes.

So are we because we had we've had a couple of conversations prior to this. Did you not remember those conversations?

Cornelius Christopher 8:12

Alex Ferrari 8:13
You didn't remember

Cornelius Christopher 8:15
No because what happens is, in the end, what is a beautiful, it's a beautiful, beautiful gift and what I do, because I help people who are who are in pain and suffering, right, and I listened to all their problems, a lot of people would take their problems on board, and then they would probably live with them. They're talking about it in the mind. But because I have no memory, after round about 20 minutes, I have no idea what we just talked about. So I don't take on their pain and suffering, I can help them in the present moment. That's the beautiful thing. I can help them in the present moment. But I don't take on their pain and suffering, which is a very unique way of actually moving forward in life.

Alex Ferrari 8:56
How do you how do you remember the things that you're even talking about? Now these concepts, these ideas, your story in general?

Cornelius Christopher 9:03
Post it notes teleprompter book right next to me. Right, I have to have all of this laid out because it is really difficult. So the other thing, because your audience won't understand it, because I can talk quite quickly and in flow is because I have no inner voice. I'm able to channel pure consciousness, which allows consciousness to move through me or work through me. And it's why I can actually talk without actually really taking any break regarding what I'm supposed to be thinking next. I just allow it to happen. So people call it channeling. Yeah, people call it channeling. I don't really call it chat. I just say this is an empty vessel. I've got no inner voice, so there's no friction. So the ego doesn't get in the way. The subconscious doesn't get in the way. They beliefs don't get in the way. So what comes through is exactly what comes from source. And so going back to how do I cope? How do I move forward? I live in flow. I allow consciousness to show me What I need to do all the time.

Alex Ferrari 10:03
And so then does consciousness have memory of the people you're talking to?

Cornelius Christopher 10:09
No, because I have no memory to ask consciousness, who that person is and what I'm supposed to be talking about. So I can't generate a question. Because I have no inner voice, I'm unable to generate a question. So what I do my live sessions is when I do coherence healing sessions, afterwards, we open up to a 900 people. And those 900 people asked me a question, which means I'm able to ask consciousness a question, which means they get the answer that they're wanting. But I'm unable to generate that question.

Alex Ferrari 10:40
Well, let me ask you, then, how fulfilled Are you then, as a human being, like, I'm just, I'm just curious, because our existence is memory, our existence is loved ones and things that we do, places, we've been all this kind of stuff, and you're essentially a vessel.

Cornelius Christopher 10:59
But you're saying memory is what you exist on. But memory is not what we exist, a memory is something that we associate in the past three weeks. So you can actually say that my entire experience is constantly living in the past. But I actually live in the present, which means that this is the place, the only place that you can actually access this information from consciousness can't access information from the past, unless consciousness allows me to access information from the past. I'll give you a good example of this. I had a woman in this session as 900 people live. So this is a live session. And this woman said to me, Cornelius, can you ask consciousness or myself, which is her consciousness? Why I have osteoporosis on the left hand side of my spine, only on the left hand side, and it affects the left hand side of her body. Now she has asked me a question, which means I'm able to ask consciousness question. Consciousness said, in 1504, this woman got struck by lightning. So that energy of what happened in 1504, that transfers of energy that transfers of consciousness is residing in her body right now. Now, here's the film, because I have told her the information. Because consciousness, her consciousness, consciousness, so So why do you want to call her because she's got this information, guess what happens? Her consciousness knows I'm telling the truth. And what a 900 people watched her body heal, she went into a somatic experience, where a whole body started to twist, right? She's going into like, all these different, different positions. And what was happening is her consciousness, which is the ultimate healer, was healing her body. See, I'm not a healer. People think I'm a healer, because it comes through me. But I'm not a healer. I'm just somebody who is able to tap into consciousness and allow that version, the best version of themselves, to get healed in, in in such a way.

Alex Ferrari 13:00
So let's, let's step back for a second because you said you had this awakening, awakening of consciousness? What was that process actually, like? From I know the answer, but I'd love to hear, I'd love you to tell the audience.

Cornelius Christopher 13:16
So when I was in this quantum superposition, my wife is the only person I suppose you've read the book, my wife is the only person who's ever showed me kindness, the only person. So when I saw my wife hold me in her arms, you know, on the day I was going to commit suicide, I realized that this is what I was going to do. Like I was going to do this pain and suffering for my wife, I was going to cause it. But then my inner voice, it kept saying, you've got to leave this now you've got to let her grieve you, all you have to do is walk out the bedroom dogs, it's all happened in the bedroom, right? But I was observing it lying down in another bedroom. So my conscious body, my present body was lying down. And I saw myself as real as mean you are talking in the past, in the present as consciousness as my ego, and as the future version of me committing suicide. Now, if my ego is telling me or my inner voice is telling me to leave this scenario, then what I started to do is recognize that, well, I don't have to listen to this. I don't have to listen to the inner voice. I can actually change my mind. I do actually have a choice. And a lot of us don't realize that we actually have a choice wherever listen to this, believing that the mind is who we are, which is not the truth. You know, we're this vibration of love. So what happened is the moment I agreed, regardless of I mean, I had, I was depressed. I had anxiety. I was suicidal. And I was lonely. I felt unloved. You know, I went through a lot of stuff. I went through a lot of illness, and I had mentally ill This right. But I still held down my job, I'm still a designer of my own company, I still held down or put lots of different masks on. And when I realized I could change my mind, like I had a choice. When I realized that, I'm going to choose my wife, she doesn't need pain and suffering. And I'm going to choose mental illness. The moment I chose differently, my heart opened up, and everything went black. I mean, everything went black Alex, there was nothing there, I was in a black void of just nothing. And so this is at 9:26am. This is the expensive 9:26am. And I remember being in this black void as consciousness, pure consciousness, right. And I remember being this black void, but I also remembered that I was actually also lying down in another bedroom. So in a present state, I was aware that I was in a black void as consciousness. And what happened is, I was looking around in consciousness didn't see anything. And I don't know how long I was. And then all of a sudden, in the far, far distance, I saw a blue dot, one single blue.of light. That's all it was out of nowhere. And as I focused on this blue dot, I realized that I was witnessing the start the birth of the universe, I was witnessing the start the birth of, of consciousness, I was witnessing the start and birth of love. Which is consciousness. Right? I was witnessing it. But I didn't know what I was witnessing. I only know this now asking the right questions, right. So as I was witnessing this, what happened is, I felt a I call it a fire, an energetic fire sensation. That started what most people call in the Root Chakra, right? I didn't know what it was, at the time, not spiritual, not religious. So I had no idea what this was. But I felt this feeling of something was burning, something was happening in the base of my spine. And then all of a sudden, it traveled up one vertebrae at a time. And when he got to, like, maybe about three vertebrae is it felt like and I can only describe it the way I described it, the way I experienced it. It's like somebody's got a cattle prod. And just zapped me all the time. And what happened is, this pain was so intense, that this energetic fire then moved up into my groin area, something happened in my groin area, fire was happening, then it moved up into this, this area, which I know is the solar plexus, right, the third energy center. And it started to turn anti clockwise, right, there's this fire this this. And I thought like, I mean, I just went into a vortex of pain. And I can't describe it any more. It's the worst pain I've ever experienced in my physical life. And I've been raped and abused, molested. This was the worst pain I've ever experienced. And it felt like somebody was just ripping at everything in my body, then it moves up into the heart center. And it felt like I was having a heart attack. I tried to call Syria, as you know, in the book, call Syria. Because what happened is, I thought I was having a heart attack, tried to call civic transferring my wife. And because I couldn't phone because my throat caved in. I couldn't grieve. So something was happening in this direction. Then somebody I felt like somebody got a scalpel, cut down the middle of my throat all open my skin. And I felt pain in front of my face. Again, I was only fixated on this blue dot Alex. So in my consciousness, this blue dot was now a blue sphere, and it was coming closer and closer. In my present life. I was in fucking pain, absolutely painful. It was I've never experienced anything like it is pain. And then all of a sudden, this energy if what I know now is an energetic fire was moving through my body, clearing out what needed to be clear, all past traumas is what I experienced, right. But at the time, obviously, I didn't know what this was right. But I was still fixated in consciousness on this blue sphere, that is blue sphere was getting larger and larger, and it's coming towards me. And as soon as coming towards me, it started to turn into a white sphere. Now as it was turning into a white sphere, my body was going into a different type of shock. Something was happening. And I couldn't quite work out what was happening again, if you don't know this information, how would you know it's impossible. And then through the peripheral vision, I saw a big white circle, like a tunnel. And it was just zooming. And it was getting closer and closer and closer and this white sphere was coming closer and closer, closer and closer and closer, white spheres coming closer and closer. And then all of a sudden, there was a circle like a tunnel like a complete circle. A bit like this one. I'll be like that next circle and the white dot right. That's what I was witnessing right in front of me. And then the circle starts to move clockwise. And as the circle move clockwise, whatever was happening in my body also move clockwise. So everything was syncing up again. No, it now didn't know what it was before. And I was still in physical pain. Then my head started what felt like as I described it in the book, like a Jack in the Box, something just blew out the top of my head. And then what happened is the white sphere caused the white circle stopped rotating, and the white sphere went straight in front of me, hit me in the middle of the forehead, like a big white explosion, like Thor chucked his hammer at me, and woke me out of whatever state I was in. That state lasted round about six hours. I had no idea where time went. I had no idea where I was. But I was out of that state. That moment, that white sphere hit me in the forehead. I was awake, like in real world. So it's a very unique situation, because one was showing me my old life making a choice. Do you commit suicide? The new version of me which I know now, which is a 2.0 version of me. I had no idea what happened. I googled it. I actually went sat on the sofa, and I started Googling white light hitting me in the forehead and white light. And it's white and a white circle couldn't understand what I saw. And why would I? I don't know what to Google. Right? All I got was marvel marvel marvel because I to cut typing in for hammer in the forehead, white light hammer in the forehead, marvel marvel marvel. Now the weirdest thing is the following day, Alec's my wife went to get haircuts. I woke up in the morning. And I just got up didn't think anything of it. I picked up my first cat, which is older. And she felt different. My cat felt different. And I've known this cat for five years, this cat felt different. And then I was like, Wait a second, this can't be right. So I picked up my second cat named link right from Zelda and Link Nintendo. I picked up my second cat. And yet, I could feel every fear on his body in my body. Now, this is a strangest thing. So the my entire life, Alex, I've have a phobia of spiders. I've killed spiders all of my life. Every single time I've seen a spider. I've killed it because I've always been fearful of spiders. Now on the 29th of March, before my awakening, I killed a spider.

But on the 30th of March, the day after my awakening, a Spider ran across the carpet. I looked at the spider, the spider looked at me. And I knew I was a spider. Which freaked the fuck out of me because I'm like, How do I know? I'm the spider? Wait, sec. Where's that? Where's What, what's happening? What's happening? And I started to panic. And then what I noticed is everything that was in front of me, was HD. Everything was 4k resolution. I looked outside. And I knew I was the clouds. And there was the sky. I knew of the trees. I knew I was the wind. I knew as the sun. I knew I was the bird sitting on the fence. And I knew I was the fence itself. How did I know this? I had no idea. But I knew it back it was a knowing, like a pure knowing that I wasn't me anymore. But I always knew that there was something else, but I couldn't work it out. Now what happened? Over the seven days, I was trying to explain to my wife, all these things that was happening. My wife couldn't get it. She's not spiritual, right? Why would she do I'm trying to say by the way, I'm a table. My wife's going, Yeah, that's nice. By the way, I'm a cat. Yeah, that's nice. By the way, um, the grass on the floor, right? And my wife didn't get it. And on the seventh day, I sat on the sofa. And I said to my wife, I've never lied to you in 10 years. And I will not lie to you now. But I have no depression. I have no suicidal thoughts. I'm not anxious. I have phenomenal amounts of love. For myself, I have so much joy for myself. But here's the strangest thing. I have no inner voice. There is nobody in my mind telling me or chatting to me. It's completely gone. It's like somebody just took the plug out and never plugged it back in. Now my wife said, That's impossible, because everybody has an inner voice. And I said, I don't think that's actually true. I think we actually grow that inner voice, which is the ego or we grow it in a negative way rather than more in a positive way. So that was like the first two days of my awakening going from pain, suffering trauma, having a choice that we have the choice to change our mind, knowing that we are I love and then waking up knowing that this is love. So one of the things I'll just explain how do I live? How do I live in this present state? How do I function is? I remember saying this to my wife, Alex, I remember saying to Anna broke down in tears, and I said, I don't love you anymore. And my wife said, What do you mean, you don't love me. So I'm in a weakened state. I says, I don't love you anymore. I don't have the same feelings that I used to have. And my wife said, I don't understand this as well. I tried to explain it the best way I can, before I put you on a pedestal. So my love was measurable. Right? Our love is measurable. But I know that I am love. So if I know I'm love, I'm unable to measure love. Because I am love. And everything just started to click. Now I don't know why things were starting to click Alex. But things and information was ready for me to understand how this world works. Now again, I don't know this information. It was presented to me in a certain way. So I knew I was love. I knew I was joy. I knew I was happiness. So how do I live my world now? In love, joy and happiness? There is no higher. I know it because some exists. I'm experiencing it right now. There's nothing counts.

Alex Ferrari 26:18
That's remarkable.

Cornelius Christopher 26:19
It's mad Hey, right?

Alex Ferrari 26:21
It's, it's, well, it's not only mad, I mean, it's insane. But it is so beautiful in the way that you present it. Because the concept of what you're saying that you're the spider and you're at the table is your that we are all one, we are a part of the same thing, the concept of the Law of One oneness, your book one Oh, it is all one. And that is the message that this show is trying to put out there into the world, that we are all one, there is no separation, the delusion is separation. And, and that is what people are starting to wake up about. Because if you know you're the person that you're about to punch, you'd be punching yourself.

Cornelius Christopher 27:05
Correct, are you everybody's a reflection of you. It's just that whether we want to see that reflection in ourselves, and we don't, that's why it's called. That's why I want to is a self reflective autobiography. Which means you're in part one of my life, because everyone's in part one of my life, because that's who you are. Part two, which is the awakening part, all the really amazing stuff regarding how to heal yourself, how to change your thoughts, new thinking, new possibilities, part two heals part one. But it's happening at the same time. The more you have more you realize that you are part one, the more you realize that part two hills, part one. So when you say you know, we're having this realization of oneness, there's so many people I've met 6000 people, right, like doing what I've been doing for three and a half years, and they all talk about enlightenment, they will talk about oneness. But here's the thing, one Oh, is having a relationship with yourself. One with yourself. See what oh means enlightenment, have eternal life. Which means you are consciousness, you do not die. You're not born, you are it you are the vibration of love. That's what one means, right? And lots of eternal life, the acceptance of I once you realize that you are consciousness, that you are the vibration of love, then all of a sudden, you are one with yourself. There is nothing greater, because once you're one with yourself, you're one with everything counts. Seeing the mind creates that separation, believing that well all if I've got my force. I mean, if you think about it, I think there I fought I think therefore I am is actually wrong. I think therefore I am it's just a program saying, well, it's creating separation. But actually, we've created to something bigger, something more. It's always been there, Alex consciousness has always been there. We just believe we're smarter than what came before us. Now the beautiful thing, right, the beautiful thing about Part One of one out and get it it's traumatic, you know, it's not an easy lead, right? It's not for everyone, right? Because it shows you and highlights that this is what we do to people. This is what we do to ourselves. That's what we do, right? Is it you know, when you say, I got bullied at school, so I got bullied for school at six years. Now. We actually do what we do that in our family life, we bully people, right? We manipulate, we're narcissistic. We do that in our family life. We do that in our relationships. We do that in our working life. What I do or what consciousness brought me as a book, they just highlight that this is not the way to move forward as a unity as as humanity needs to grow in a very different way. We have to change the way we live our lives. We have to change the way we think we have to live differently Alex.

Alex Ferrari 30:00
Well, and the thing is I love about part one of your book is that is brutal. But we are, we are more brutal to ourselves and anyone can even be to us in many ways. We destroy ourselves, which is constantly, this voice beats us up, tells us we're not worth it tells us this or that you're this or that. And these programs that, you know, it's thing is that we come into this world perfect, an empty, clean slate. And then everybody around us, there's thrown their crap on top of us all the programs. And by the time you seven, whatever programs have been around you are the ones that are installed in your operating system. And then you spend the rest of your life trying to deprogram yourself. For the most part, for the most part, I mean, maybe you have you were born into a saints family. But that's generally not the way it works here. You come here because you got to learn so, and we spend the rest of our lives trying to deprogram ourselves, you just got a fast past, to the deprogramming process where you literally Yeah, from what it sounds like, felt an immense amount of pain for those six hours. And expired experienced it all. And it's just kind of, in many ways, it's kind of like giving birth, I don't know what it's like giving birth. Ladies, please don't send any emails or messages. But from what I understand from my wife, is that there's so much pain in sometimes a short amount of time, relatively speaking, a short amount of time, whether it be a few hours, or a day or two of labor. And then there's that moment of pushing. In the second it's out. It's gone. Pain.

Cornelius Christopher 31:49
I think, I think, you know, I looked at it and like, you know, my awakening lasted for, you know, around about 40 39 years, right? So I was gonna commit suicide at 45. But I was showing through consciousness how to wake up. The issue is, is we never look up, right? We never see what consciousness shows us right in front of us. Because we're so like, far in the future anxiety. We're always in the past, living in the past pain and suffering. So we never present. And yet consciousness is showing us how to wake up in the present. Now I believe, the way it works men and how it's worked for the hundreds and hundreds of people I've helped through my, you know, my live guided in our, you could say coherence healing daily retreat sessions, which is health and wellness, I see these amazing transformations, because you're doing it in the present, we're showing people that if you really want to heal yourself, you can, you can actually heal yourself. And I'll give us a great example of how we how we heal ourselves, yet we forget it at the same time. So if you put your finger you don't, you don't have to worry about your finger healing itself, the finger will cut, your finger will heal, right, you put your finger and consciousness will do all the healing. So our bodies are designed to heal ourselves. But the issue is, is when we've been programmed to go outside of ourselves, when we programmed to go to the doctors, right? There's some amazing doctors out there open minded, not saying all doctors, but when we're programmed that all the healing is done on the outside, we actually forget that we can actually heal ourselves on the inside. But we forget that I forgot that no one told me by the way, Cornett Did you know, you can heal yourself by just changing the way you see yourself? That of bullshit? Because if it's true, I would know about it right now. I only know what I know. Right? I only know what I know. So why would I know anything different unless you're exposed to it. So you don't know you can heal yourself because you've never been exposed to it. You never knew that you could actually ask consciousness or how because no one's told you it. And if you have, then it might have some type of religious or spiritual layers on top where you might not even agree to it. So so in the past, you know, doing the live sessions, you know, daily live sessions. You got people going, Oh my God, I don't know whether to speak or not. And I will say to him, you might have actually agreed when he was about six or seven years old that nobody wants to hear what you have to say. So you created a program based on your mom where you got two children. By the way, this is a smart one, right? He's gonna do amazing in life. This one here. She's the quiet one. She's the shy one. So if your parents are saying you're quiet, you're shy. And you believe your parents, why wouldn't you? Then you're going to create a program of nobody wants to hear what I've got to say, I have no value or worth. But that's not true. It's a program. It's a pattern. It's a belief. Now what you have to do is undo all those old beliefs, all those patterns, all those pros, and it's not easy, Alex as many people do. There's many people out there who tried to give you this information, but it's simple emotion comes from their ego at the same time, right? So they're saying, by the way, this is what you need to do, I've got an ego, I'm going to tell you how to do it. But when it works through me, and you have no inner voice, you have no ego. And you know that everybody has love and joy and happiness. Consciousness works in the most amazing ways, because conscious of will show you live every single day. These people who have transformations were miraculous healings, instantaneous healings, through their own healing. Again, I'm not a healer, I can't do this. But they can heal themselves if they're open to try and something completely different

Alex Ferrari 35:40
Which is the power of the placebo. Right? That that's it, that's a complete demonstration of what you're saying. The mind heals the body in a miraculous way, because of its belief in a sugar pill. Right? Because it believes in the story that the person in the white coat told them. And they believe wholeheartedly that that is possible. But it's this all this muck in programming that they have to go to kind of

Cornelius Christopher 36:05
All the way through. So realistic, right! Yes. So realistically, as you've read in my book, I came off a motorbike at 100 and 130 Odd miles an hour. Throughout my back. All the doctors told me, I wasn't going to walk again. Or the spinal experts told me I was never going to walk again. I was never going to walk again. Because they told me right, I had no feelings in my legs. So I'm going to listen to them because they're the experts. They know what they're talking about. And I spent two weeks listening to Elena's Morissette, Jagged Little Pill, not the happiest album, right? So I spent two weeks listening to that, right. And then I realized, wait a second. I want to go to university. I want to play football. So what I did is I started to imagine myself going to university, I started imagining playing football. And guess what, two weeks later, I walked out to the hospital. I healed myself with myself, but did not realize it because everybody said oh, by the way, it just something must have happened. But actually, it was me that happened. I healed myself. But everybody said that's impossible. So because everyone's telling you, it's impossible. You go back to that programming again. They must be true. They're smarter than me, right? The doctors. And so society and I'm not going to go into the house aside to mainstream media. But we're programmed to believe in a certain way, we're meant to stay in a low vibration, you're not meant to awaken you're not meant to your right, you're not meant to heal yourself, you're not meant to do this, you're meant to rely on making money, and allowing other people to do all that for you. But what I show you on a daily day basis is you can heal yourself. And people heal themselves live in front of 900 people depression, gone, cancer gone, anxiety gone, where they didn't be able to walk, they had to walk with a walking stick, they had to walk with a cane as with a frame, they stood up and walked. Because consciousness is the ultimate healer, and your consciousness, which means you can heal yourself. You just got to allow it to happen. But a lot of people, they just want this, fix me, fix me, fix me fix me without learning. That actually, if you do not change the way you treat yourself, it's coming back. It's gonna come back, that illness will come back because you haven't learned to be a better version of yourself. You're still living in mind, you're still not being kind to other people. And you're not being kind to yourself.

Alex Ferrari 38:45
You're not raising, you know, raising your vibration. You're not raising the frequency that you're at. Because love is the highest frequency where fear is one of the lowest.

Cornelius Christopher 38:55
Correct. So how do you move through that? Yes, right. How do you move through a low vibration when your mind is saying this is not going to work into a higher vibration? It doesn't matter, Alex, what people see on my day on my daily session, it doesn't matter. If they don't believe it. They're not going to believe it. So consciousness showed us a different way. See, I can't do meditation, never liked meditations. I believe meditation was hard. So I never did it. So if I believe through my past experience living in part one, that meditation is hard, then consciousness is going to show me a quicker, more effective way to help people move forward using the techniques of meditation, but not doing meditation. Right. So what happens in coherence healing is we actually physically raise your vibrations to where you can actually feel your body vibrate. You can feel the energy centers open up. You can feel your nervous system vibrate, you can feel your throat vibrate. And because it's a self validation experience If you can't unvalidated it's your experience. So instead of watching people, and you go, Oh, yeah, that's great. Yeah, that's great for them, but it's not worked for me. So what we do is we have to raise your vibrations physically, which means you're shaking away all the lower vibrations is why a lot of people have somatic experiences Alex, right. They just go into these somatic experiences, because they're shaking away beliefs, programs, emotions, they're clearing away to what already existed, the light within, see enlightenment is on the outside, the light within is on the inside. So people are looking in the wrong place. Instead of focusing on here, they should focus on here, now again, being in being in them. Part one, not knowing this information, how do you convince somebody said they have this beautiful vibration of love. So we have to change the way they think, new thinking new possibilities, right? Because it doesn't matter. If you don't believe you can heal yourself, it will never heal. So we change your thinking, update your iOS, right, give you a brand new firmware like a mobile phone, right? We download it, we install it into you. So you have a healthy belief system, a belief system that you know, validated by yourself that you can heal yourself. And guess what? Hundreds of people are getting healed every single day now sessions from many different ways.

Alex Ferrari 41:34
Well, just so people understand that, you know, a lot of people that might be listening to this and think this oh, this seems a lot of things sound a little off in our conversation, to say the least. But just the concept of vibration, and like, Oh, that's really woowoo I'm like, Well, if you just look at the science, just the science, straight, hard science, every cell in our body vibrates at a frequency.

Cornelius Christopher 42:00
Correct. And it's a frequency. All frequency holds information bit like a radio station. Correct. So what we're doing through through consciousness is not may consciousness or se, raise the vibration of the liver, from 142,000 to 617,000 tuning in to the correct frequency. So correct information, which means instead of your liver being like that, over many years, through emotions through, you know, physically abusing it, it's through your liver being like that, what happens is we correct it to the correct vibration. And guess what, you go back to the optimal frequency, which means you're healing yourself because you are allowing it to happen. Right? It's not rocket science, how this works. It's just, it's new. It sounds woowoo. But Alex, this has been around for 1000s and 1000s of years. I mean, that we're not exposed to it,

Alex Ferrari 42:59
Acupuncture has been around for four or 5000 years. And its energy, its flow of energy. Their system is about releasing flows of energy.

Cornelius Christopher 43:07
Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians they talk about is 5000 years old Chinese traditional Chinese medicine. They're talking about this energy that goes through your body, because we can't really scientifically prove it. It doesn't exist. But this is what I say to people. You can't really believe in Scientific Reports because they have slightly agenda. See, I read a report two years ago that said, coffee was bad for you, scientifically proven, published in a journal. But six months later, I read another scientific report that said, coffee is good for you. Now we've got misinformation. Which one do you go with? And this is how we work. If you like coffee, it must be good for you. If you don't like coffee, there's a reason why I'm not drinking it. So realistically, it's our beliefs that allows us to move forward. Same information, same journals, it's just we're not experiencing what this is all about. Which is it is just pure consciousness. You are consciousness. The vibration of love that is it.

Alex Ferrari 44:10
You know, it's as simple as I've heard stories of Yogi's who will take a hot tea or eat like a hot pepper or something like that, that would kill a man or something like that. And he would just hope and laugh. And they would sit there waiting for something to happen and nothing would happen because their vibration is at such a level that it doesn't even it doesn't affect them at all. Because their own ability to control their own

Cornelius Christopher 44:41
And serve vibration. So if you have a high vibration and so for example, on so I was you know, clinically I was depressed suicidal and I used to drink alcohol, right? It used to drink vodka, right? And I used to smoke marijuana, and it was that my way of just escaping trying to get To sleep like, you know, a lot of people do just want to forget about numb the pain. And so that's what I used to do with my wife. And but after my awakening, I rolled a joint, right? smoked it. Nothing happened. As I was really strange because yesterday, or a few days before I got really high just doesn't work. So I smoked another joint or joints. That didn't work. I smoked six of them, Alex, on the bounce. None of them affected me. Now, I said to my wife, you came in from work and I said, I'm gonna go your joint. Can you just smoke this? And she had one puffy shirt? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm pretty, pretty chilled. Right? I said, that doesn't work for me anymore. Now, it took me a long, long time to work out through questions and food meeting people, that actually marijuana has a certain vibration. And if you're higher than that vibration, marijuana doesn't work. If you're higher than alcohol as a vibration, you can't get drunk, because your vibrations higher than what it is. So now you realize, wait a second, no wonder alcohol has a high vibration. And why people get drunk and why they're dependent on it. It's because it gives you that buzz, it gives you that feeling. But if you have a vibration higher than alcohol, you're gonna get drunk. It's impossible.

Alex Ferrari 46:20
It's exactly the same thing. What happens with the yogi's by the alcohol doesn't do a thing to them, because it just doesn't affect drugs don't do anything to them, they just doesn't affect them. Because they're just playing on a different playing field than the rest of us.

Cornelius Christopher 46:33
So I went to I went clubbing with my wife, I when with my old friends, right? During the during the book, they can learn, you know, they saw me through a suicidal program, you know, I wanted to commit suicide, and they saw me now as my lowest vibration. And and then my awakening happened. And again, quite understand that I had this amazing amount of energy running through my body. I was Love, joy and happiness. I was in bliss. I felt content with everything. I mean, I was in touch with everything in this world. Me and my wife went clubbing. And my friends came up to us and they said, What are you taking? I just turned around and said, not taking anything said, That's bullshit. What are you taking because you're bouncing off the floors, you're in a different vibration. I said, I actually found love for myself. And I don't need alcohol, I don't need drugs anymore. And he went, you're talking shit. And you know what, this is what amazingly happened. Consciousness just said, You know what, you do not need these people in your life. And eventually, they just disappeared. Or the friends that I believe were my friends actually weren't my friends. They consciousness just pushed them to one side and said, you don't need these people in your life. You don't need people creating drama. You don't need people creating misery. What you need is to be in a group where you hold the vibration for other people to heal. You hold that vibration high. So my awakening was an awakening of myself love. My Awakening was myself joy and happiness. For my awakening allows other people to awaken as well. That's how we that's how we tip this will back into balance. Because here's the thing, Alex, and it's the most simplest concept. And no one can really understand what I'm going to say. But it's the simplest concept in the world. I promote kindness starts within. Well, we've been told to be kind to other people. So I say which is consciousness, consciousness says promote kindness starts event. Because if you are kind to yourself 100% Yeah, Living from the heart. Everybody that you touch, everybody that you meet, will never know pain and suffering. Because you're kind to yourself. Now means if everybody was only kind to themselves on ik, if only one person was kind to themselves, this whole world will turn into balance overnight. Because nobody would create suffering for another person, because she know for a fact, you can't do it. You can't be unkind when you only show yourself loving kindness. That's the reflection, that's the mirror,

Alex Ferrari 49:08
You want to hear something funny is that as you're saying this, the thing that pops into my head is like, in 50 years, or six or 100 years from now, they're gonna look back at this time and say, oh my god, they were barbaric. Oh my God, look what they used to do. They live in a fear based society. Completely fear basically, the same way. We look back at the Dark Ages, or look back at the 1800s or the early 1900s or the 1700s. Or anytime before us. We look back and just go oh my god, look at the barbarians. Look what they did. You know, and yeah, we've evolved to a certain extent.

Cornelius Christopher 49:54
Well, technology technology is evolved as to a certain extent, but we haven't evolved. We still I live in the mind. But we don't really live in the heart, Alex. Yes, you know what I mean.

Alex Ferrari 50:04
But with that said, we as a species, as humans, have evolved to a point where we won't allow parts of the world at least won't allow some of the barbaric things that happened in the past, which were just every day, you know, just even looking at in the 50s. You know, you know, segregation, just that alone in the United States was accepted, widely. Slaves were accepted. Like, just any like, yes, it's like owning whatever, those concepts, generally speaking, there is still that in the world, but it's much less than it was 1000 years ago.

Cornelius Christopher 50:46
And you know, the reason why that is, is is because people, one person can actually make a difference. Correct, right? It's one person who says, Enough is enough. Now that one person, you might have a lot of people, you read it in my book, they will say, you can't make a difference. But actually, you can make a difference, you can actually make a difference in one person. And, you know, when consciousness said to me, and you know, you've read the book conscious has said, Cornelius, will you help heal the world, one person at a time starts within, then family, that's what consciousness asked me. And I said, Yes, didn't realize what I was saying. Didn't realize what I was agreeing to right. And then I realized, wait a second, how can I help somebody? How can I help somebody. And then I sent to consciousness in this very unique state, this very deep meditative state where it whatever I was, in this just vision, conscious said, I'll show you. And they showed me a book with this cover exactly like this cover with the word one, oh, gray man with dust white light coming from his body, they showed me. And then they told me how to write this book. They consciousness guided me and show me how to write this book. Now, here's the beautiful thing, as you said, right at the beginning, is one person, you believe one person can't make a difference. But that's not true, we actually make a difference. Like you, Alex, you're interviewing one person at a time that one person will inspire hundreds and hundreds of people, right? So one person does make a difference. The differences is whether you're going to believe it yourself. Or you're going to allow other people to do it for you. So that's the world that we live in. We live in a world where do you know what I like? What Cornelius the same, I like that, you know, just be kind to yourself, I like that we're going to take the world into balance. I like what he's saying. I like what he's promoting. But you know what, I'm going to leave it to somebody else. And that's the attitude that we have, I'm going to leave it for someone else. And I always use this analogy. When we drive. See, I am the worst driver in the world, Alex, nobody likes driving behind me because I let everybody in. I let every one in. So if they're sitting there, right waiting to go onto the road onto the highway, I slow down break. And I just flush my lights wave and I just let the person in and let the next person letting the next person there. I've got the cars beeping at me. And I just allow it all to move into flow. Because here's the thing. I have a conscious way of living, why would I let somebody else do it when I can do it myself. Right? That's consciously Living from the heart. Because here's the thing, there might be a day where we need to get from A to B really quick. And no one's letting us in. And then we go, Oh my God, you see no one's lessons. And then we create anger, frustration, but actually, you never let someone in either. Now we're playing a mirror effects. You know what I mean? Like it's playing out in our own life. So one person does make a difference, you make a difference, you make a difference in somebody's life. The issue is, is when we make a difference in your own life, when we you choose you, when will you be kind to yourself, and the things that we watch and the things that we read, right? When we choose this kindness, the one that starts within. So when you think about going back, we tip this world into balance in many, many years. And we actually do that, because we're growing through consciousness. We're actually having the awareness that we actually do make a difference. Because once you're kind to yourself, I'll do this again. And once you're kind to yourself, Alex, once you realize that your love joy and happiness, once you realize that your consciousness once you realize that consciousness will provide for you. Why would you be unkind? It's not selective kindness. It's full of all in kindness. Yes, fully in, right. You can't go I'm going to be kind to that person and not that person. And I got guided this week. Regarding loss. I'm funny. It's funny. You talk about law law. And he was talking about a sending into fourth date, fourth dimension, right? And then he's sending it to FIFA and I'm laughing I'm actually laughing at this person because this person's regurgitating it. somebody else's information, repackaging it regurgitating and ongoing. Why would we want to ascend into fourth dimension? When we're already there? The mind stops us from getting there. We're already there. And Law of One says, If you're 51, service to others, you as you send something like that, and are saying this to my wife, when does the 51% start? Does the 51% Start the moment you realize you have to have 51% service to others? Right? Or does it start the moment you're born? But if you start at the moment you're born, and you're not aware of this, then how would you ascend? So it's confusing messages. Does that make sense? When does that start? Does it start when you know about it? Or does it start at the beginning of your birth? Which means if you never knew this, if you never knew how to be kind to yourself? How would you know? Which means we've already ascended? Were already there. We're already like, we're already love. This stops us accessing it. Very simple.

Alex Ferrari 56:03
But don't you need to become aware of these things?

Cornelius Christopher 56:07
Ohh you do. That's the thing. The issue is, is we've always had this awareness, but we always question what we get shown. See, for good example, right? As you've got as you read my book, I had a near death experience came off my motorbike died floated above the body, right saw myself on the gurney table. So all the doctors looking out for me helping me, I came back. So I had a beautiful near death experience didn't see an EM life didn't see any Oh, I didn't see any of the money went back into the body. I explained what I saw. I explained how it was 100% accurate. And everyone said, that's impossible. It must have dreamt it. So realistically, consciousness, even in this conversation, is showing you the truth. It's whether we believe the truth.

Alex Ferrari 57:00
Well, it's exactly. To use this analogy. It's the four minute mile. Nobody believed it was conceptual, like, Oh, someone one day with a It's not humanly possible to run a mile in four minutes. That was the belief and nobody was able to do it. But the second that one guy beat it, within a year 20 Other people read it. And it just kept going and going and going because the belief changed in what was possible. In our it's, it's, the writing is on the wall, if we allow it and accept it. In our lives. We've all had glimpses of it too. I even

Cornelius Christopher 57:44
Get a glimpse every single day, Alex, because you write the impossible becomes the possible, right? That's really what we're talking about. There is a world beyond this world. I call it a Harry Potter world, right? Like Harry Potter, there's a world beyond this world. Now consciousness is showing you this world. The issue is, if you're not present enough, you will never see it because we live in the left past, or we live in the right future. But some people live in the past and the future at the same time. So why would you see it? Why would you ever see what you're meant to see? Because we're not present enough. You're just not.

Alex Ferrari 58:22
You're not here, you're you're in the past, in the future, you're not leaving, you're not in the moment, right?

Cornelius Christopher 58:26
So you'll never see it. But consciousness is showing you every single second, that you are more than your physical body, that you're more than your mind. It's showing you a way to move forward is whether you recognize it or not. So we're having an interview right now. Beautiful, beautiful conversation, beautiful chat, people are going to resonate with what I'm saying resonate with what you're saying. Some people aren't, right? That's just though it says their level of consciousness is going to be different. See my wife, my wife is so smart. And my wife also had an awakening, right? So me and my wife had got this awakening together. So we can talk about consciousness of wise, who do I talk about? And my wife said, we're talking about this double slit experiment. I was looking at quantum physics, right? We're talking about the double slit experiment and how consciousness intervenes, right? That's what they're saying through that experiment. And my wife said, how would you ever measure that experience or that experiment? Because everybody's level of consciousness is going to be different, which means you can never have a bass line of what consciousness is. Because everyone's level of consciousness is different. So it can't be measurable. And that's why a lot of people struggle to understand consciousness, because you're understanding consciousness from the mind of somebody who has an ego, inner voice as consciousness, unless you have no inner voice bit like well, I have and there's a lot of people who have this experience, right? They see consciousness they see the world differently. They see it as in very clear, like it's almost object TIFs, right, you're not able to evaluate anything, you just see it for what it is pure truth. Now to get truth out, it's hard. Because here's the thing. And this is, again, the things that we talk about in these group sessions, these live sessions that we do, you either want to be like Alex, ego, or you want the truth is one or the other. Right? Unless you start going, maybe the stories I keep telling myself might not be true anymore. Maybe, actually, I'm listening to an old version of myself unwilling to even accept new information. And I say this to a lot of people tell me something you don't know, tell me something you do not know. And no one can do it. Because everybody knows something from the past. So unless you don't know something, then it must be new. And unless you're willing to expand your consciousness, it has to be in the way of new information has to be.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:03
But with all that said, and I agree with you, 100%. And I think this is what the big problem is, with so many people, is that when the new information is introduced, that contradicts the programming that they have, that programming is the foundation of their existence, be it religion, be a diet, be it, Mac or PC, be all of it any anything that is a foundation to their belief system. And if you introduce something new, they not only can't accept it, but will fight actively fight against it, because they can't even allow that thought to be available. Because it just, it completely scares the living hell out of them.

Cornelius Christopher 1:01:50
You're absolutely right. So Derek, and Lynn, my closest friends, they saw me suicidal, they saw me I wanted to commit suicide, they saw me try to do this. My mind was absolutely gone. Right. But the moment I healed myself, right, oh, consciousness healed me, what are we going to talk about it? The moment that happened, I said to them, I have no depression. I'm going to write a book regarding how you can heal depression. And guess what happened? That's impossible. You can't heal depression. But I was depressed. Now I'm not depressed. I'm presenting it right in front of you. And you're still going? No, we don't believe you. And it's a bit the part I wrote in the book, which is a bit like the matrix with Agent Smith, where Agent Smith just pops up every now and then and tells you know, this is the way I believe in this way believe in this way believe in this way. They can't break the program of what they already know. It's impossible. Right? So they saw their best friend, right, which is Derek, he saw his best friend tried to put his head through a computer. And then he went there went to see him two months later and said, I have no depression. I'm not suicidal. I'm going to write a book regarding how to heal depression. I know how to do it. It's impossible. But you see me, I'm healthy, I'm happy. Yeah, I don't believe you. So it doesn't matter what information presented is the foundation of that programming. That's what needs to change the stories we tell ourselves, the patterns, the loops, because if you do not change the program, Alex, what will change nothing, you just go back to your own loop. That's it.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:29
And that's, that's one of the biggest problems we have in the world today is that people are stuck in this kind of vortex of their own beliefs. And when something new is introduced, they fight against it being political or religious or anything like that. Whereas if you were more open, like people can do thing is people could tell me all their beliefs and their religious beliefs, let's say, and I'd be like, if that works for you, God bless move on with life. I, if you want to be a Catholic, or a Jew, or a Muslim, or, or whatever it works, that it is not hurting other people. And you believe that and that's the way you get towards the divine in this life. Go with God. That's where that's the path you're walking. But so many people when you introduce an idea, like as simple as reincarnation, yep. It just throws their entire world upside down because they're like, Well, wait a minute. The church has told me this. And if I believe in that, then the everything they told me is wrong other than what have I been lying? They've been lying to me. That makes me stupid. If I'm stupid, I can't have that. And it just it just it just goes down this world where they just fight as they literally fight kill. I mean, the Crusades, I mean, Jesus. All this stuff that's happened in the course of history is based on this programming and finding against it. But if you open yourself up to new ideas, and feel what it makes you feel like, like when I heard you reincarnation for the first time. I said, that makes sense to me. That's a truth inside of me. There's no one's going to convince me otherwise. Because I just know that that is true for me.

Cornelius Christopher 1:05:10
So for me with reincarnation because you know, I got drummed into like, got John that age of 10 that this is religion, bla bla bla and I didn't like I didn't understand that. I wouldn't believe in reincarnation 100%, right, all the way up. I never did. Why would I? Because it doesn't make any sense, right? This is who I am. This is who I am, right? So why would it be somebody else because this is who I am. Now, again, I again, I wouldn't know about reincarnation. But I remember sitting on my sofa. I was watching a Liverpool game. And again, this is all in the book. So you know, this is my story. This is the awakening part. I sitting on the sofa. My wife was in bed is about 1:30 in the morning, and I said to myself, right, I looked to saw these flowers. And I said to myself consciously said to myself, I wonder what my mom would think right now. That what's happened to me. And then I heard my mom laugh. Now I haven't heard my mom laugh. In five years, she passed away through pancreatic pancreatitis, right? And I heard my mom laugh in my left ear. And I remember going, how's that possible? How can I hear my mom laugh. And then I turned to the side, I never saw my mom, as a reincarnated version of her, like a shadow, like a hologram. Whatever you want to call it, like a light body, I saw it in my third eye. Right? On the wall, put one hand on the wall, the other hand was on a better and she was laughing or soft. Because she realized that I just understood what reincarnation was, I realized that consciousness is always been here. So reincarnation is a word that just says your consciousness, you're going to go into a physical body, you're going to have an experience on this planet. And then at the end of this experience, however you experience it, whatever experience you give other people, you're going to leave this physical body, you're going to go back into consciousness, and you're going to probably come back down in another physical body to experience this planet again, and maybe learn some lessons, right? Maybe that's how it is. But because I saw my mom, I realized something was happening inside of me. New information was coming through. Now, I remember this one cuz my mom was the very first one. I sat down with my wife. And I said to my wife, this is gonna sound crazy, but I can see Princess Diana in the corner. And my wife says what says Princess Diana is in the corner can see. There are so Albert Einstein. Now Albert Einstein was telling me about quantum physics. Now I've never even heard of the term quantum physics Alex, why would write never heard of it? So why would I know about quantum entanglement? Right? Why would I know how quantum physics works? I never knew it. Would I it was telling me it. And then I saw Jesus. Now Jesus is the one that I will just go Yeah, not really sure. But I saw Jesus right. And he said to me, Cornelius, I'm here to help you. Great balance in this world. Now I'm saying this my wife, I'm going against see Jesus is right here in front of me. Right? I'm a wise guy. What do you mean, you can see Jesus said, Well, I can see this man. And he looks like Jesus, the what i've what I see. But it doesn't look like the Jesus that everybody knows. But I know is Jesus because I have this knowing that this is a man called Jesus. Now, I saw this through again, my third eye, I saw it. And then everything was new information. Again, information that I never had, that I never was experienced to never privileged to even have. But I knew this information from somewhere. It was coming in so quick, that I started to realize that maybe I got my entire life wrong. And guess what? I got my entire life wrong. But here's the most amazing thing, Alex, I have absolutely phenomenal gratitude for all my pain and suffering. I am so glad my life worked out the way it worked out. Because if it didn't have that pain and suffering, if I didn't get treated with such disrespect, if people didn't treat me the way they did, I wouldn't have had my awakening. I wouldn't be here now. Talking to you. I wouldn't have been helping over 900 people daily. I want to wrote an amazing book regarding how to heal yourself. I am so grateful now for how I got here. Because how I got here was my journey. My journey was to awaken. That was part one. You only realize how amazing part one is when you get to part two. The issue is is you're going to get to part two, to appreciate part one, right? Yep, that's the issue. So the issue is now is how do we get people to appreciate heart one, when you realize that you're meant to be here, you're meant to be here to make a difference in this world. Alex, you're meant to be here right now, interviewing me interviewing all these amazing people. Because you said in consciousness, I want to make a difference in this world. Now how you do it is your journey. That's your journey. But once you realize that that's what you're meant to do. And it's not purpose, by the way, right? Where once as corny, as you know, when I do these sessions, currently, it's what's my purpose, or purpose is singular. So if you hold your whole horse, your whole life on one single thing, purpose, expectation, right? You're going to be disappointed. But I say to people, let's look at it from purpose on a daily basis, your purpose is to be kind to yourself. Because once you count yourself, everybody else benefits. So your purpose is to be kind and loving to yourself. Now, purpose going forward like yours, Alex, is unlimited possibilities. Every day is unlimited. It's wherever you look up and see what's right in front of you, is wherever you saved, you know what, I'm going to send that person who's not feeling good. I'm going to send that person love. Right? Because we can send people love, it's free to give away. The issue is, is if you've never gave yourself love, or they're held you give love out for free, right? Yeah. Right. That's the hardest thing if you've never received unconditional love, how can you give yourself unconditional love, right, if you've never received it. So again, it comes back to right at the beginning. The programs that's installed from early age from a child all the way for teens already for adults life, and even right now is about shedding that programming and realizing that you can move into a higher vibration. Live life in a different way. And that's why consciousness gave me the one our way of life. One our way of life is Living from the heart awareness of the mind is nine principles given to us by consciousness, six, level six layers of being kind to yourself. Now, if you follow those layers, follow those principles, guess what? You will be kind to yourself, you'll live a beautiful life, happy life, right. But everybody else will as well. I don't think this is hard. I don't think we need to tap into channelers. Right? I'm not a channeler. Right? I just tap into truth. Right? This is truth. It's up to you to recognize this truth is up to you to expand your consciousness and go, do you know what? Maybe there's something in this. Maybe I'm the one that's holding myself back with old beliefs. Maybe if I just if I just allow something new to happen, maybe my life will move forward in a different way. Maybe I'm meant to hear this right now, this interview right now. And if you're meant to hear this interview right now, then have gratitude for how you got to this interview, right? You follow the breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs, keep going, you're trying to move forward in life, you're trying to move more in flow, right? consciousness moves in flow, you will allow consciousness to guide you, rather than the belief that you need to control your life. Why you can't control life, you can control aspects of your life, where you can't control everybody else's. Their narrative is different, their agenda is different. Their meaning their perspective is different talents. So instead of trying to control and get frustrated, let go. Allow it to happen, because consciousness is always been here. We just believe we're smarter than what came before us. And that's not true. I'm living proof of it. Right? How can I go from suicide? To only doing what I do? I mean, we have we have people in our group, right, Alex and you've you know, you've been part of this group? Well, you've got a couple of sessions and that we've got people in the group who say coins.

Why? Why do I feel a certain way? And I'll say, it's because you're holding the emotion of not being kind to yourself or not good enough. Right? That's the emotion not being kind, right. And then they'll say, where's that held? As a bit like Louise Hay? Right? Louise Hays amazing. Louise, Louise Hay was saying, Oh, this emotion of anger and frustration is held in the liver, right? And that's all done by muscle testing and stuff like that. And that's all good. But not everybody is the same. So your anger and frustration might be held in the first lib on the right hand side. Right? Everyone's different, right? So what I say to people is place your awareness, focus and attention on the right rib, your consciousness is telling me where it's held. All you need to do is make it present. And guess what happens? That rib starts to vibrate, it releases the emotion of not good enough. And they start to realize they can heal themselves right there. And then, so that means they are good enough. See, that's what happens is we're walking harddrive of our life. And the hard drive needs to be cleared, it needs to be different. You need to get rid of the folders and the files, you need to allow new files, new folders, right. But in order to allow new files and folders, you have to get rid of the old ones. Right. So illness is a byproduct of our emotions and feelings. Illness is a byproduct of our thoughts or beliefs. Say I had prostate cancer, testicular cancer. My body was written. I have no cancer, no illness, right? I have no aches and pains in my body. Why is because I got healed. Because I changed my mind based on love. I healed myself with myself, because I am love. Now again, that we will be rolling out oh my god, that's where they've like, wow, it's out there. But it's not. Because there's gurus. There's people before me who taught like me. I don't go into YouTube. I don't read books, right? I sit at this desk every single morning in front of 900 people, and I help them move forward. I show them a different way of living one from the heart, not the mind. And guess what? Their life is changing and transforming.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:31
Cornelius, I I will have you back my friend, you will come back. We will have many times I'm going to have you back my friend. You're a fascinating, fascinating soul. And I appreciate everything you do. And I am going to ask you some rapid fire questions I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Cornelius Christopher 1:16:53
Being kind to yourself

Alex Ferrari 1:16:55
What is your definition of God?

Cornelius Christopher 1:16:59

Alex Ferrari 1:17:01
What is the ultimate purpose of life?

Cornelius Christopher 1:17:05
Being kind to yourself.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:07
And where can people pick up your book and find out more about you and the amazing work that you're doing?

Cornelius Christopher 1:17:13
Books on Amazon. Okay, so books on Amazon, and audio book Amazon as well. We've got audio book and that book. We got in my book, Alex just so you just finish off. You've read my book. It is more. It is Truth is unapologetic. It is my life. It is out there it is graphic. Not for everyone. But I can tell you right now whoever reads that book, part two will heal your part one.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:45
And do you have any final words for our audience my friend?

Cornelius Christopher 1:17:52
Let me do it from what consciousness would say. Okay, so don't say anything. Hey, family, how are you? What's the last words to this beautiful community who's listening to this interview? Trust what you're saying, trust what you're hearing, trust your intuition. And make a choice and make that choice that makes a change in your life. Be the change.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:22
My friend, thank you again so much for being on the show. I look forward to our next conversation, my friend. Thank you.

Cornelius Christopher 1:18:27
Well, thank you, Alex, thank you very much for having me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

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